10 Different Ways To Combine Your Colours By fydola

Hmm….. It’s Monday again and naturally, most people aren’t so happy. You’re so tired and a little bit cranky that you didn’t have enough “you time” over the weekend. Waking up this morning, you got so “Arrrrrrgggghhh….”. Yeah, I do understand.
I also understand how you feel when you have to search through your closet to put together the right colored outfit and you just can’t seem to find anything that matches. Hmm….I really know that feeling. It could be frustrating when you have all the color shades of clothes and you don’t know how to combine them. Especially on a Monday morning, many women and men struggle to know what to wear. But things don’t have to be too complicated. You can make your life a lot easier with some clever fashion tips that allow you look your stunning and fabulous on every occasion.

I put together 10 different ways you can combine your colors and match them. Are you ready?

First and foremost your complexion determines your combination. Do not match colors that don’t suit your complexion. For the dark skinned tone, you have to combine more bright colors and lesser dark colors and if you are light skinned tone you have to combine more dark colors and less bright colors.

You do not combine bright colors with brighter colors either because you’ll end up looking like a clown or a mascot except if you are one…Lol… anyway, check all the colors that you have in your wardrobe, lay them on your couch or on your bed and separate the bright colors from the dark colors. Pick a bright color and a dark color and see how it works out. A picture guide is right here to help you in matching them up…

  1. BLUE AND ORANGE(#1 ): You could wear blue pants /skirt with an orange colored blouse or a white/black camisole with orange blazers. You can also wear blue pants, an orange camisole, and a black blazer or even with a kimono. Add black or even blue shoes to be on the edgy side.
  2. BLUE AND PEACH (#1): This color suits both dark and fair complexioned skins. You could wear a blue dress and a peach scarf over your neck. You could tie the scarf as a turban or rock a Nefertiti-style. You could slay these colors as a peach blazer on a blue dress/gown, or a peach jumpsuit with blue stilettos.
  3. MINT GREEN AND WINE (#5 & #6): Mint green blouse on a wine skirt or pants is beautiful. So are mint green pants with a wine colored camisole. Top it off with a black blazer and wine-colored wedge shoes.
  4. WINE AND ROSE PINK (#6 & #7): This color also suits both dark and light skinned complexion. To slay it, you could go casual or formal. A wine-colored jean with a rose pink blouse/camisole/ off-shoulder blouse, a rose-pink flowing gown and a wine-colored scarf and wine-colored shoes
  5. GOLD-YELLOW AND WINE (#4& #6): Golden yellow jumpsuit can be rocked with wine stilettos. A gold-yellow mini dress can also be rocked on a wine stilettos, a wine long-johns (leggings) can be worn with a golden yellow kimono and black ballerina shoes.
  6. GRAY, SKY-BLUE & SEA GREEN (#16): Gray pants/skirt and a sky-blue peplum blouse with sea-green shoes are one way to match your colors. Gray pants, a sky-blue shirt, a sea-green blazer and grey-colored shoes are also another match. You could just mix it up as you wish.
  7. PINK, NAVY BLUE AND RED (#17,18, 19): A navy blue gown, a pink blazer, and red shoes are cool. A pink dress, a navy blue blazer, and red shoes are also cool. A red dress, a navy blue jacket, and pink shoes also match, Whichever way you want to combine these colors, you’re so gonna be cool you’re you.
  8. SEA GREENYELLOW-GREEN, AND MAGENTA (#9, 10, and 11): These colors are actually very cool on dark skinned and a mild light skinned complexion. You could slay this colors in a dress, gown, and pants or even as a skirt. Yellowish green pants, a sea green blazer, and magenta shoes; a sea green skirt, a turquoise pink blouse, and yellowish green shoes are possible combinations of these colors.
  9. MAGENTA, BLACK, AND TURQUOISE BLUE (#11, #12, and #13): You could also slay this colors in a dress, gown, and pants or even as a skirt. A pink jumpsuit, a turquoise blue turban and a black blazer/jacket with turquoise blue ballerina shoes or stilettos. A black jumpsuit, a turquoise blue jacket, and pink shoes or you could slay it the other way round.
  10. LILAC AND PURPLE (#8 & #15): This could so be a difficult color to combine considering the fact that it belongs to the same family. A purple jumpsuit or pant or skirt with a lilac blazer/a blouse for the skirt, a lilac dress, and purple shoes. You can slay both colors the way you please but just be confident enough to carry yourself in a manner that will project the color well.

Know that all these color combinations are dependent on your carriage and confidence. If you are not comfortable and confident enough, you would NOT enjoy or project your colors and style perfectly well. Do not let anyone turn you down all because they feel your style is not right. Define your own style that will make heads turn just to get a peep of you. Have a good ambiance around you with your color combinations and don’t look like a clown.

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