10 Small Business Ideas For You In 2017 (2)

Hi! And welcome back. So, you’ll find below a list of small-scale businesses you can start in 2017. Are you ready to take over 2017? Cool!

  1. Babysitting Services: So, we have found that there are parents who need quality people and places to take care of their little children when they are at work. Babysitting is one solid business idea. Many of us already have the experience required; with watching over our younger siblings, nephews, nieces, and little cousins. So, imagine that you decide to babysit for a specified amount, it shows you are on your way to financial independence. You don’t need any money to start, you can always network with family and friends who will then refer you to their own networks. And, if you want to go large scale, you can always convert your babysitting service into a daycare center or nanny agency. Cool, right?
  2. Cleaning Services: We can just imagine the look on your face at hearing this. You may already be thinking, “Why would I want to clean someone else’s house?” Well, if you love clean spaces and hate idleness in any form, this small business idea is right for you. Guess what? There are people who pay other people to keep their homes, restaurants, and offices clean. That last interview you went for, don’t you wonder why the building was so sparkly clean and fresh smelling? Someone did that! This small business idea has no risk whatsoever to you and is quite profitable. There are no costs involved, only have your own cleaning equipment and be ready to have fun.
  3. Typing Services: You don’t need professional experience to offer typing services to people. There is always someone who needs a document retyped or typed. If you’re good, neat and fast at typing, why don’t you offer your services? You can charge on a per word or per page basis and get paid. But, you have to ensure you deliver neat and error-free work to your clients.
  4. Ghostwriting: There are some of us who are creative and write really good stuff. At the same time, there are people who don’t know how to write creatively but need their ideas put on paper in form of a book, article or blog post. This is where you come in, you can help people like this fulfill their writing dreams by writing for them and you get paid. This is what we call ghostwriting. Nobody’s going to know you wrote the book but you’ve helped someone fulfill his dream. This business is risk-free but make sure you get a deposit before you start working fully.

(To be continued in next post)

Thank you!


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