Only For Ladies: How To Dribble A Football by nonso ORJI

Ever visited a football pitch on a sunny afternoon and found ladies slugging it out assiduously? Lol!!! ‘What a sight to behold!!!’. One doesn’t need a soothsayer to tell you that a vast percentage of ladies suck when it comes to playing football and even a greater percentage are not interested in the sport at all.

Okay, having established ladies’ naivety towards football, let me give some tips on how you can develop your dribbling skills on football especially when your aim is to make your man swoon and make him believe that you are interested in the sport he always fantasizes about.

There are some major skills-set one has to acquire or better still possess before you can confidently beat your chest and claim you are a dribbler. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Possess a good body balance: As your high school PHE instructor will always tell us, “maintain a good body posture for it is the hallmark of great athletes…” (as if I told him I want to be one). You don’t wanna look like a hunch or a run way model when you ‘re digging it on a football pitch, so make sure you maintain an upright body posture before stepping on the pitch. And on a lighter note, it kinds of increases your confidence and gives you that aura of a professional footballer. You like that right? *winks*
  2. Try watching football matches: “The mind is where every battle is won and lost” Sun Tzu. Yeah, that’s true because if you are going to dribble on the field of play, then you need to know what skill to display and how to display them. The only place you can get this kind of knowledge is by watching games where it is been done or better still watch YouTube clicks of players like Jay-Jay, Ronaldinho etc. and try to mentally visualize their moves in your mind. On a side note, it makes boo’s love for you to grow as he sees that you are interested in his hobbies.
  3. Practice: Next time, before you go to the pitch, why don’t you take some time and do some private practice? It won’t kill you to try. At least with good practice you’ve an edge over the other ladies you’ll be slugging it out with. After all they say it’s practice that births perfection.

To be continued…

Nonso Orji is a poet, physicist, comedian and a freelance writer. He resides in Lagos, Nigeria. You can reach him via mail @


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  1. Marian says:

    Remarkable things here. I’m very satisfied to see your post.
    Thank you so much and I’m taking a look ahead to contact you.
    Will you please drop me a mail?


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