10 Small Businesses For You In 2017 (3)

Hello again and welcome back. We hope you’ve enjoyed our talk on small-scale businesses so far? If you have, great! Well, this post will be the final post on the small-scale business series you can start. We believe you’ve found at least one business idea that suits you? We’ve discussed 4 profitable small-scale business ideas you can start.Here are 6 more business ideas you can work with come 2017.

We hope to hear good and profitable news from you soon!

5. Copywriting: Copywriting deals with writing that helps to promote someone’s product, service or business. We also call it business writing. If you’re creative with words and persuasive on paper and can sell anything (LOL), this is right for you. You can promote copywriting as your business and get paid for it. Small businesses are profitable businesses.

6. Career Coaching: Yes, such a thing exists. There are people who coach others for a living. They prepare their clients for interviews, work on their CVs, counsel young people who aren’t yet sure of a career path, among other things. Being a career coach would mean you love helping people reach and fulfill their full potential. Starting a small business should not be all about money but you should be able to help people and possibly change their lives.

7. Personal Shopper: This particular small-scale business may appeal more to the ladies than to the guys. Many ladies love fashion, looking good and smelling good. So, imagine that while you’re buying all those cool and fantastic stuff for yourself, you’re also helping someone else get theirs. Cool, right? But, to be a personal shopper you must be ready to commit, be fashion conscious and punctual with deadlines. Personal shoppers can also help shop for groceries and other household items. It depends on the kind of personal shopper you want to be.

8. Online Selling: The popular belief is that you must have a big online store like Jumia’s, Alibaba’s or Konga’s to actually sell stuff online. Well, the truth is you don’t. You can always start small by offering a select service or product to people and then expand. You don’t need a lot of investment to start this small-scale business.

9. Event Planner: Yes, you can plan events for people without being part of a large and popular event company. If you love organizing programs, events, and other social stuff, you should monetize it. This is a solid business idea that requires little or no risk. But, you must be ready to commit and spend long hours helping people plan their events.

10. Social Media Consultant: Many of us breathe, live, and eat social media. LOL. So, why not make it a business? You can help people and companies to increase their online presence. How? Many companies and even high profile individuals understand that the world is going digital. So, what they do now is to hire people who can help them improve their online marketing campaigns. If you know you can do this, then this is right for you.

Like we said earlier, opportunities abound everywhere, you just need to open your eyes to see them. So, are you ready to take over 2017???


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