How Do You Cure What You Don’t Know???



Up until a few months back, I didn’t know that waking up with a red, painful streak on your leg could generate into something else. I had no idea that my leg muscles, tissues and skin would suffer from that streak. The same streak that took 6 weeks to heal, and then decided to come back 2 more times. It was a painful experience. I had difficulty walking on my own. I couldn’t stand for long either. Whenever I did, my leg would swell up as if I pumped it full of water. Well, water and pain. How do you cure what you don’t know? My encounter with cellulitis was just like that.

I was in pain for about 3 to 4 days…I thought the pain would go but it got worse. Then I got to the doctor and he said it was cellulitis. Hmm, that would account for the fever, skin irritation, red and later black spots that my leg would experience. I wish I could post pictures of it, but you probably wouldn’t be able to sleep. lol. 

What on earth is cellulitis you may ask?

I did my research, and WebMD explains that cellulitis is a bacterial infection. The kind of bacterial infection that is potentially life-threatening. The kind of bacterial infection that would leave your beautiful skin looking all swollen and red, wrinkled and rumpled, squeezed and peeling. Yes, that kind of infection that would require you to suspend your foot on a pillow for the swelling to reduce and for you to feel relief. Cellulitis can occur on your body or face- saw a picture of a woman who had had it on her face. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Cellulitis isn’t contagious (just in case you’re wondering if it is). But, it can affect the tissues under the skin and can spread to the bloodstream and lymph nodes. Serious, right?

So, What Causes Cellulitis?

Well, it turns out that two kinds of bacteria called Staphylococcus and Streptococcus cause it. These bacteria are helped by insect bites, cuts, other bites and incisions from surgery. 

What Other Factors Could Cause Cellulitis?

Having skin conditions that cause skin breaks such as athlete’s foot and eczema. A weakened immune system, diabetes, and intravenous use can also cause cellulitis. If you have also had cellulitis before, it might reoccur again. It happened with me twice more. It was NOT a good experience.

It can affect anyone old or young, and of any race on any area of your body. Although I’m not so old…lol. I guess I’m one of the rare cases.

How Do You Treat Cellulitis?

My doctor prescribed a series of antibiotics and pain relievers for me that I had to use within 7 days. They worked. But for you, your doctor will decide what drugs you should use and how long you have to use them. This depends on how serious the symptoms you’re experiencing are. However, make sure you take all of the medication as prescribed. Don’t feel that because you’re feeling better, you can stop using the medication.

Also, try and raise your foot or any affected area higher than your heart. This helps to reduce the swelling.

Now that you know what it is, you can cure it.


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