A Do Or Die Affair: Marriage In The 21st Century By mugzie


So, we’ve got a new trend now- women close to or in their 30’s, especially in this part of the world, feel pressured to get married.

She’s told that there are limited fishes in the ocean (ironically speaking). She’s told to go for deliverance sessions (seriously). She’s also forced to marry some douche-bag she is not even attracted to. The weak-willed succumb and hell in all its fury is let loose on them.

Building good relationships take time, and work.

This is the 21st century and not the 16th where marriages of conveniences were the order.

Girl!! Take your time. If you are looking for certain standards and values in a man and you haven’t seen what you want, don’t SETTLE! Same goes for the men. If you want to be able to look back in time and smile, don’t SETTLE! A wrong partner will definitely alter the course of your life.

Remember that your parents and friends will not stay with you in your marriage forever, and as such YOU determine the course of your marriage.

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but the recent rates of divorce, baby mama drama, and public shades should tell you that a wrong choice affects you a great deal.

Marriage in the 21st century is one that couples put all their life’s energy, and for some their savings, into the wedding and forget about the marriage. They come up with creative hashtags that will trend the internet, plan amazing and extravagant destination weddings but after the D-day what happens next?

Ladies and Gentlemen, be wise!!! Develop yourself so you can be marriageable.

“Girls on Instagrants (in Nedu’s voice) learn a skill or more asides makeup and slaying tutorials|. Work on yourself and the right man will find you if you position yourself to be found.

Signing out!!!

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Thank you!


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