So, I am a movie buff. Maybe that’s too gentle a word. I AM A MOVIE FREAK. I have this thing for watching and critiquing movies. Old, new, ancient, very ancient. Movies (and music) are my thing. There are already some movies I am terribly looking forward to watching next year.

While 2016 was epic. There were a lot of great movies this year but 2017 is going to be more awesome. I mean the movie trailers I’ve seen so far make me want to fast-forward the few days left in this year.

If you’re already making plans for next year’s movie watch-list, I can help. Yeah…you can call me in the middle of the night to talk movies. And I’d gladly stay awake. But, don’t call me to talk about board games…you’d lose me faster than a penny.

So, you’ll find in this post a list of 15 movies that (I’ve seen their trailers) I am hoping would meet my expectations. And yours. We wouldn’t want to be disappointed. Next year, after we see them, we’re all coming back year to review them. Isn’t that going to be cool?

In no particular order…

  1. Fast 8: We’ve all seen the Fast and Furious movies. I saw 1-7. Although the last one put me in tears. Just got me thinking about Paul Walker. So trust me when I say I’m looking forward to this. Although it is slated to be released April 2017, I’m yet to see any official trailer. Have you?
  2. John Wick 2: Cool. I’ve got a pretty good feeling about this movie. If you’ve seen the first one, you know what I mean. I mean, seeing Keanu Reeves all badass and emotional really got me…wowed is too soft a word. Come February 10, please let this movie be on your watch-list?
  3. Resident Evil- The Final Chapter: OK. January 27th, 2017 is a day I’m really looking forward to. Milla Jovovich as Alice makes a badass Resident Evil movie. This is the 7th and last movie in the series. The last survivors of the T-virus apocalypse are set to take a stand against the Umbrella Corporation. Wouldn’t you like to know the outcome?
  4. Power Rangers: Remember the tune “Go Go Power Rangers’….yeah, another Power Rangers movie is back. Whether you love red, blue, yellow, pink, green or black, all the Power Rangers movies have been truckloads of fun. So get ready. Come March 24, join me to watch some teenagers walk all over bad guys.
  5. Cars 3: Hopefully, much more splendid than the first 2 sequels. With Owen Wilson as the voice of Lightning McQueen, get ready to crack a rib. He’s that funny. This is not just a movie for kids. If you love animated movies, this is a must-see come June 16, 2017.
  6. Wonder Woman: Who else has looked forward to seeing this DC Comics character as anything else other a comic character or cartoon? Yeah. Figured as much, Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) was introduced to us in Dawn of Justice. But, this time she has her own full-length movie. June 2, 2017 is a good day to hit the cinemas.
  7. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Yeah. Remember StarLord, Rocket, Groot? Well, they’re coming back next year in a more explosive sequel. This time around, they’re going to be searching for StarLord’s dad. Wouldn’t you like to know how that turns out? Come May 5, 2017, all roads lead to the cinemas.
  8. Pirates of the Caribbean (Dead Men Tell No Tales): So, this is one movie I’m earnestly, deeply, truly looking forward to. I mean, who doesn’t love Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow? Join me on July 7th in watching Jack Sparrow take on a band of badass ghost pirates who want to get rid of every pirate on the 7 seas.
  9. Thor Ragnarok: Ragnarok is the Norse version of the apocalypse. You know what that means. Our hammer wielding Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is in for a lot of serious end of the world kinda battle on November 3rd, 2017.
  10. Alien: Covenant: Who remembers 2012’s Prometheus? Yeah. This is a sequel. Although hopefully much better than Prometheus. This story takes us on a journey with Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender after they hijack an alien aircraft. Their plan is to head to the Engineers’ world and put a stop to their plans for humanity. Do you think they’d succeed? Well, we’ll find out come May 19th next year.

There are 5 other movies that I still need. What’s your recommendation? If you have any movie you think should be on this list, please comment on the post. I love feedback.


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