Infinix: Taking On The World

OK. I have a deep passion and love for gadgets. Especially for mobile phones, tablets and PCs that rock. This is where Infinix comes in.

You have heard of Infinix. You have seen Infinix. You have used Infinix. You are using Infinix. Infinix is a company that creates cool, classy and trendy phones that definitely make you feel and believe that you’re taking on the world.

With cool releases that make you want to drool, Infinix has really become a mobile phone brand to be reckoned with all over the world. Who wouldn’t want to use Infinix?

infinix-2With so many cool apps and quite enough space for your music, videos, eBooks and more, Infinix products are one of a kind.

By the way, you’d find Palmchat on the phones. Een if you’re not using an Infinix phone, you can always download Palmchat @ That’s how cool we are. 

Infinix is a sister company of Afmobi. Everything they do is to make sure we all enjoy the best in mobile phones and apps. Are you ready to rock with Infinix? Because, the future is now!



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