A Colored Love Story By fydola

I think I sighed a million times that day out of boredom. Although the same boredom pushed me out of the house. I headed toward no particular direction but all I can remember is that I left my house tired, empty and sad. But all of a sudden, I saw myself smiling. My heart opened with a flourish like a flower waking up to the sun. With a flutter in my chest like a trapped butterfly which banished boredom to the far reaches of the mind.

I was totally lost and all I could see were rainbows. I found myself on the bridge, then I stopped. All I could see were nature, colors, and creativity which drew my attention. I began to see colors in ways I’d never imagined.

From up there, I received greater inspirations…From head to toe, they all looked ravishing. I began to wonder..oh how colors beautify one’s soul. A beautiful soul wore a purple jacket which reminded me of a tube, her yellow tank top made me want to see the sun again.                                                                                                                                                              
Another soul wore a red shirt which made me want to feel the tenderness of an hibiscus flower and also drink zobo (well I heard zobo leaves are made out of hibiscus)….

Then I saw young boys running home from school and their socks with little stains just made me hungry for coconut and garri. Apart from the colors, I saw creativity. I became truly proud of how we turn fashion into wow scenarios.

I fell in love all over again with nature. 

2ac8f185fb2180d1c0af9a72a3847c73 I then wondered, what is life without fashion or colors or makeup???? I mean these things speak volume..these things are life. Well, to others they might be nothing but life depends on how you see it. Standing there on that bridge made me realize that fashion boosts confidence and beautifies one’s soul. Everything God created has a color and a purpose; they either heal you or kill you. Colors and fashion are the only medications I know and they have healed me so far.

I am proud of what fashion has become. I am proud of nature and its colors. I am proud of how makeup beautifies us…speak fashion, speak nature and transform your being.

If you want to see what I saw, walk up and on a bridge. It feels like the highway to fashion. It is the highway to a colored love story. 

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