Between Women, Therapies, And Insecurities by richard imhoagene

Women have wahala! Hold on. Before you scream sexist and call me a chauvinist (since you’re now a feminist wannabe), I believe I deserve a fair hearing (or reading in this context). I once heard a fat, or to be politically correct, plus-sized lady complain about ladies who are under pressure to lose some weight, saying that they should learn to love themselves. Few days ago, she signed up for a gym class. As it turned out, she met one fine “bobo” who hinted that he liked slim girls. Don’t worry sister. No pressure, just discretion.

My Grandmother once told my mum that it is in the nature of an African Woman to be fat. That was when she was giving my older sister some tips on how to get back in shape after her second child. Whether that is true or not is a matter for another day. However, I do know that the size and weight of a person, whether male or female, is a factor of gene, nutrition and lifestyle.

fat-8I am writing about this because I have two female friends who are my new inspiration for dedication and consistency. They began some routines some months ago to help them lose some tummy weight, grow some hips, and stay fit. So you can’t make them eat after 7pm, miss their daily bodily exercises (which include abdominals, squats to die for, and other twists and turns invented for that purpose), or let go of their natural diets. You just can’t.

I tell them that if such commitment is translated to work, success is inevitable. There are times when they miss their late lunch or early dinner and just go to bed hungry. There are times when one could literally see the hunger in their eyes and feel sorry for them. There are times when they crave late night suya, fish or grilled chicken (something that used to be our tradition, and still is for some of us). In fact, their flat-mate now choose to make one-time sumptuous meals after 7pm just so they don’t “shorten her ration”. Still, they are undeterred in their resolve.


Truth is, I envy people who decide to take steps to look good and stay healthy. Although, we know there are ladies who go through such hurdles just to impress one brother or the other. There are those who just want to be able to wear cute dresses. And of course, there are some others who are scared to lose their boyfriends, fiances’ or husbands because they consider themselves fat.

Now here’s to all the ladies because, as we all know, guys usually don’t try to be slim to impress people. Most guys I know just want to be fit, be healthy, or avoid being bullied. Otherwise, they tell you weight is an evidence of good (food) living. If you want to lose some weight or grow some hips, ensure you’re doing it for the right reasons and not because someone (or that fellow called low self-esteem) is putting you under pressure.

So dearest Fatima, Silifat, Latifat, Sherifat, and all you big, bold and beautiful girls out there, as much as it is important to look good (not that you can’t be big and good looking), and stay fit and healthy, or even have the hour-glass figure, don’t kill yourself in the process. Eating right is not the same as starving. Eat right. Eat well. And eat enough. Also, when bodily exercises begin to feel like drills, please be reminded that you’re not being recruited into the army.

To all those who, for one reason or the other, have resorted to taking pills or herbal concoctions, please ensure you check with a Doctor or Pharmacist. Stop taking poisons indiscriminately. Life is too short to fight nature foolishly. Just stay fit, beautiful and healthy.


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