Creazitivity: Acceptance Before Repentance By fydola

“If my standards are too high don’t try to bring me down to your level, just accept my level. Work hard to meet up with that level if you so wish because I won’t make you go below yours”.

Everyone is simple. Everyone is being classified into the C3 category (Cool, Calm and Collected)- always playing safe, proving to be perfect and making it look the best way to be for everyone… Sure! It definitely looks like it. “It doesn’t matter what you are, who you are or what everyone thinks about you, what matters is what you make out of who and what you are.”

Everyone feels it’s weird, unethical, uncivilized, uncultured, and improper to be differently crazy- or what I call “creazitivity” (crazy creative). I remember back then in school when we do have our Annual Art Creazitivity Day popularly called Aro carnival, people from diverse places and even foreigners come to watch us. They sometimes ended up getting contaminated with the fun of being crazy (in a good way though). They even got as far as saying that artists are really crazy and abnormal…lol. Yeah, they were absolutely right about that. Definitely, we aren’t and there’s no way you get to do the kind of things that we do and you still stay normal or look normal.


But the question should be, in what context are you referring to the artist as crazy? Is it the craziness of a madman on the streets of Ojuelegba or Yabaleft? Because that’s just a physically challenged being to me. The difference between him and the non-physically challenged man is the inability to conduct himself properly, identify himself and cohabit with you and me under the same roof.


But the craziness of an artist is about the creativity in his medulla oblongata that an average man can’t comprehend… It’s just like the African proverb “what an old man sees sitting down a young man cannot see it standing up,” this applies to the artist. What you will see is different from what we see, and the angles from which we see it. It’s like the number 3, what you’ll see is just the figure as a lame man. But what I, as an artist, see is many. I see the letter E from left angle, letter w and the shape of a woman’s breast from below, letter m from on top, the shape of a lips and then number 3 itself and many more.


As an artist, I’m proud to be crazily different, crazily unique it’s so cool to be that way and I love being that way because it keeps me outstanding. I believe it’s just who I am, a free spirit being, who thinks beyond the ordinary, full of life, never a dull moment as an artist my perception, conception and perspective differs from the norm ..Lol… am so proud to be an artist not just an artist but a creazitivity one at that. I am me! I am crazy (C-reative R-ational A-ccomodating and Z-ealous Y-ou)…what’s your own… Life without me is boring… if you doubt it, ask my team members …Oma can testify… (Lol)… don’t try to change me when you haven’t accepted me for everything I am, accept me because ” Na salt and maggi dey make soup sweet no be just meat alone..” we all can’t just be the same you must first accept before you repent.. Embrace CREAZITIVITY, IT BRINGS SPICE TO LIFE! 


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