Much Ado About Destination Weddings By mugzie

Destination weddings! Destination weddings!! Destination weddings!!!

What’s the fuss about destination weddings?

Is it a way of cutting wedding budget/ having a low turn-up?

Does it show class or extravagance?

Does it make one acceptable in society?

All these questions have been coming to mind. Can someone please answer them?

We all know that destination weddings are the in-thing among couples all over the world and even in Nigeria.

People often pride in telling their friends that their wedding is going to be held outside the country. It has become a popular trend and competition is getting higher and stiffer by the day.

Couples will prefer to drink Garri (Nigerian local dish) after the wedding just to make people talk about the wedding and to make their wedding hashtag trend. If you want to spend your life savings on just a DAY then after the marriage don’t you think bitterness will set in and regrets like ‘Why did I marry this person’ will come to play?

Trust me! The marriage is what counts the most Not the wedding. 

The wedding is just a day but marriage is for a lifetime.

Don’t compare yourself to celebrities because having a destination wedding is not a guarantee that your marriage will work. Piece of advice, instead of an overly elaborate wedding, save the money for your future generation or start a family business.

Don’t get me wrong, Destination weddings are not in their entirety bad. I mean if you don’t want the regular Lasgidi Owambe noise, a destination wedding is LIT if you can afford it.

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