Parents Or Criminals? By awele monchie

I’d like to give my opinion about parenting; and I’ll be sincere about it.

You may say I am not a parent, so what do I know? Oh well!
I’m not a mother just yet but I know the gravity of parenthood. It’s an enormous task.

Sex, pregnancy and a successful childbirth is not even a minute of parenting; anybody can do that. That’s why a lady can have a baby and simply drop it in the gutter and go her way.

Let me attempt a split-second deefinition of what parenting is; parenting is co-creation with God. We assist God to bring human beings into His earth, to continue generations while He tarries. Parenting is writing on the empty life’s-slate of a person.

What a glorious task!

Fortunately or not, this task is not for everyone. You don’t have to have a child. Even if society insists you must pass name, continue generations and all that crap.

Your qualification for being a parent isn’t anatomy but character. Character is almost everything.

I was with a lady who shared how a child in her area (Airport Road, FCT Abuja) was repeatedly molested by a married neighbor, the 13 year old got pregnant and was taken for a DC. To add insult to injury her mother collected N50,000 from the rapist to die the matter when people suggested the case be reported to the police.
This is an example of who is not a ‘mother’.

If you ask me, this woman is an accomplice to a crime and should be arrested.


I am not oblivious of the level of hardship in Nigeria today. Come on, that N250 small bottle of palm oil is not N700. I understand. However, at what point should nothing else matter but the stomach???

When can we throw all to the wind as long as the stomach is full?

Or what is the price of sexual abuse?

Personally, I have no issues with whatever anybody does with him/herself but when your decision, actions and inaction adversely affect the next person then that’s a problem. Aren’t we supposed to live and let live?

There’s a problem with infringing on people’s right even if its your child. Aren’t parents supposed to look out for and do the best for their children?

The deed has been done. Yes! But the culprit should pay for his actions, that’s the least that should happen.

In my Catholic faith, people argue about why children should be baptized as infants instead of waiting till they grow up to make such decision themselves. The simple reason is that as a parent you should be able to make the best decision for your child without waiting till they grow up.

Why couldn’t this woman do same?

I’m here thinking the emotions this girl will harbor for her mother when she’s old enough to understand that her mother sold her ‘getting justice’ for porridge.

I’m here trying to get into the mind of this woman? I guess I can’t … It’s unbecoming.

There’s no excuse whatsoever for her actions. She should have waited to be raped then she can take 50k and be quiet about it but not when it happens to someone else.

Unless you build character and willpower, you have no business making babies. Suffer not children to come into this world to end up dysfunctional because of wrong choices you make.

There are no bad students but bad teachers … We are born a tabula raza, and we become what is put into us.

In the end, let God at least say you did a ‘fair’ job co-creating with Him.


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