Friends For A Season Or A Reason? By mugzie

Hey guys!!! 2016 is almost over. YAY!!

For me, this is a time to reflect on the year and measure my achievements and pitfalls. An uncle of mine has a ritual that he does every year and I’m going to share it with you. Every year, he deletes contacts or “friends” on his phone that haven’t added value to him in that year, or haven’t contacted him in the last year. I think it’s high time you do the same. We both know there are contacts, even friends that when you reach out to them, you get the “you’re bugging me, please bug off” vibe.

All you have to do is “Cut it! Cut it!! Cut it!!! (in O.T Genasis’ voice). LOL.

Friendship is exactly like having a treasure. Precious ones are kept and this is how I keep mine.

I recently read a book about life generally (if you want it, send me an email requesting for the book) and I was quite excited to try out the approach given in the book and this was it.

Send emails, texts to precious friends about what you guys have been through together, how they have impacted your life and how much you appreciate them and love them, guess what?  You will get immediate responses and it will be quite emotional on both ends.

This is a way of maintaining healthy relationships.

You’ll thank me for this recipe if you decide to try it out.

Start a new year by building a network of friends that you can rely on and work on it.


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  1. Emmanuel says:

    Very true… Reminding people of what you have shared together helps friendship, it reminds both parties of what you have invested in the friendship and it makes walking away lot harder

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omachona says:

      Thank you Emmanuel. You are very right.


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