Love Gone Done Me Wrong

Could it get any worse? Was there any possible way for it to get really worse than it already was? I didn’t think so but it did. I had labored and strove to get to this point. To be the best in everything. To become famous.

But love broke me. Love made me weak. Love…now makes me hate. I hate Lira but I love her too. She’s the reason I’m in this hellhole that used to be my life.

I can see their thoughts. I can hear their thoughts. I can read their lips. All these people that used to flock around me like bees to honey. They all think I deserve this. They all think I deserve to be broken like this.

Who would have thought that I’d become played like this. I, the best soufflé chef in the world. I, the chef that won more than 10 awards in 5 years. I, the chef who has whipped up my creations for kings and queens, presidents and dignitaries. I, who has been broken by what they call true love.

No one deserves to be this broken. No one deserves to be made an empty shell devoid of life. But it seems there is a higher power who has made my life difficult to end. I slit my wrists but someone ended up calling 911. Who told you to care?! I hung a rope around my neck but no, my housekeeper just had to come in and support me before I could choke to death. I try taking drugs and enough alcohol to drown 3 battleships but I’m as healthy as a horse. Or so the doctor says.

Lira made an agreement with the Man upstairs. Yes, that must be it. That must be why my life keeps getting more difficult to live each and every day.

She stole from me. She stole my heart. She stole my joy. She stole my peace. She stole my money. All I have left is this burning rage inside of me and my drinks and drugs. A rage that I can do nothing with. But alcohol…yes, I do a lot with that.

Lira had been beautiful to me. She came at a time I was very lonely. She had been perfect. If only I had known it was all a sham. If only I had known that she and my best friend (Chris) had planned it all. I never knew he was jealous of everything I had achieved. We had grown up together. We had shared dreams. We had achieved those dreams. But, I never knew he was unhappy with all I had.

To make me pay, so he said to me that day, for being better than he was, I had to lose everything. I had to lose even the most precious treasure- I had to lose my heart. He said he had sent Lira to me. Told her all the things that I loved. He told her what to do to make me fall in love. I, who had decided to marry only the first person I’d date, ended up making the gravest of mistakes. I fell in love, got married, got divorced and broke all my pieces. But, I still can’t figure out how to put them all back.

Don’t pity me! I am not to be pitied. This is just a passing phase. After all, it’s been 5 years since the divorce. No one should care what happens to me.

I can still see her smug smile when she said I had signed a prenuptial agreement that gave her sole control over my properties. I don’t remember signing that. She told me she never loved me. That I was just was fat and wealthy mark who had made sure she never had to work a day in her life anymore.

Chris had laughed when she said that. Chris, my best friend, had manipulated me. Chris, who I never knew hated me, laughed. Chris, my best friend, is dead. Yes, it took 2 years but I hunted him down. I am a chef…very handy with knives. Hahaha! Chris paid. For making me a laughingstock, he paid.

But Lira. Lira deserves a harsher punishment. She ran when she heard Chris was dead. They don’t know it was me. Who could have thought? The police said it was a case of a robbery gone wrong. Robbery gone wrong? No! It was friendship gone wrong! It was trust gone wrong!

Lira….where are you? I am coming for you Lira. You deserve to hurt. You deserve to cry. Your justice is coming to you Lira. Wherever you are.

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7 Comments Add yours

  1. chainbreakercorporation says:

    You have the gift of expression!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. omachona says:

      Thank you. It’s a gift I try to nurture as much as I can. You can follow us for more exciting stories. Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Emmanuel says:

    It’s painful, but vengeance gives very short satisfaction. So chef, do you a favour and let Lira be. You will never be stable if you keep hunting for her you will never move on

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omachona says:

      True but the chef is bent on making Lira pay. He has no one to help him out. How would you propose helping him?


  3. Lovely. I almost thought I was seeing a movie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omachona says:

      Thank you. I love writing fiction. Particularly short fiction.


  4. omachona says:

    Reblogged this on Oma'sView and commented:

    Here’s a dark story from me to us…

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