When We Cry For Blood Instead Of Peace

I read this story earlier today and I felt sad. It hurts that there are many of us in this country Nigeria and in other countries around the world who cry for blood to be spilled, instead of crying for peace to reign.

I am appalled at how easy it is for so many of us to take human lives without regret, shame or sorrow. This isn’t the kind of life we’re meant to live. We’re meant to live peacefully with one another as brothers, sisters, friends and family.

I want you all to read this story. I want you all to understand the value of peace, no matter where you are. We should all live as one. After all, violence has never helped anyone.

Story Excerpts:

“It was in the morning, on 19th December, 2016, at about 8 am, the Youth wing CAN, marched in peaceful demonstration from the Katsit (an outskirt ward) through Kafanchan town and accompanied by the Nigerian Police Force (about 4 vehicles).
On transit, the peaceful protesters were stopped from passing through a street (Ibadan street) by some Muslim Youths.
On their return from the Local Government Secretariat (Jekma’a), on the same street where the protesters were blocked, the Muslim Youths started throwing stones and objects at the Youth CAN Protesters without any cause. They defended themselves, while some stakeholders had to come in-between to intervene.

Everywhere was calm until a two churches were looted, the properties were burnt (reason for the this is unknown), A man’s shop was burnt down (a Christian) by the Muslim youths. In the same vein, some Christian youths reacted by burning some shops at the Kafanchan Old Market site, and burnt a mosque nearby.

The riot was escalating until the Council imposed a 24 hours curfew to ensure peace.

Below is a witness’ story:

The rally that took place in Kafanchan on 19/12/2016 was born out of the following concerns; 
1. Report from Gidan Waya shows that over 200 armed Fulani herdsmen are seen parading the town which put the lives of people there at risk
2. Fulani in Gidan Waya requested that only women should go to the farm to harvest their crops. From 13-17/12/2016 five women were raped on the farm by the herdsmen.
3. On 16-17/12/2016, five women were killed by the herdsmen in Tachira and Makabun.
4. The security measures put in place by the state government is yielding no fruit hence the reason for the peaceful protest.
When it was concluded by the youths to go on a peaceful rally, a letter was written to the area commander notifying him of our intentions and reasons. He acknowledged the letter and gave us a copy. We copied all security outfits in Kafanchan as well as our Muslim counterparts. On 18/12/2016, the Muslim youth came up and said we should not without telling us any tangible reasons.

The peaceful rally took place on the 19/12/2016 in company of the police. It was peaceful up on till the local government,we presented our speech there and on our way back at Ibadan street, around the Emir’s palace when the Muslim youths started stoning our youth and the police repelled them.

We proceeded to L. E. A. Primary school Katsit where we prayed and admonished our youth to be law abiding. While we were praying the Muslim youth were already looting shops and burning them. So far even churches were burnt by them. This what we know happened. Thanks”.

Jama, a local government youth.


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  1. bofb02 says:

    The apalling thing is also the fact that some news media reported this issue on a shallow and nearly untrue basis


  2. Joel O. Adegboyega says:

    The truth is, as a leader in the local government, if the Muslim youths had not thrown stones, there wouldn’t have been any problem. 1. The protest was against the government not with them. 2. Are the Muslim youths now government’s representative. 3. Are we different from others that have staged even violent protest without being stopped. We are calling on the world all over to listen to our cry.

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    1. omachona says:

      And this is exactly what this article hopes to achieve. We do not want dissension or violence in any form. All we ask for is peace. Peace should not be about religion. Peace should be about humanity.


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