The WIFE Syndrome By ann okoli

A sincere godly man goes down on his knees proposing to a woman, accepting that he does love this one woman and wants to spend the rest of his life taking care of her. He is at that point in his life where he knows that his life is only complete with her in it. He has prayed about it, procrastinated maybe, but now he knows.

Woman, do not give him a reason to regret his proposal. 

 We have all heard the gruesome stories of women who have changed men after they get married. And not for the better either. The man ends up regretting the day he went out of his way and bought that ring and ended up on his knees asking for “Jezebel’s” hand in marriage. He wishes he could turn back the clock to that day or better still wake up and find he was simply having a nightmare.

When some women finally become the “WIFE” they suddenly become;  

Warriors- always ready for war! At every small whim she is ready to pick a fight. She has her shield and spear ready to attack his every suggestion and every move.

Infernal – which has by the way been defined as, “all things that are of the netherworld of the dead or hellish”. Her husband wishes the ground would open up and swallow him whenever in her company especially when she opens her mouth to talk to him in public.

Fortune teller- not of prosperity, mind you, but of doom. She sees everything that could possibly go wrong with his new venture. He will never succeed she says.

Erratic- He never can tell her mood!  She is all loving and throwing a fit within the same minute. He feels like he is on a see-saw or worse the roller coaster.

This is what I call the WIFE Syndrome. For so many women, their attitudes, characters and habits change for worse after marriage. 

Woman, you are designing your downfall.  Do not be surprised when he no longer wants your head on his shoulder or you only catch sight of him as he runs out the door each morning. You have the power to make your marriage work. He married you because he wanted to live “happily ever after” with you and not “snappily ever after”.

When you are a wife be the woman your husband proposed to; He saw a woman of;  

Wisdom- building her home and her husband. Encouraging and supporting him, Inspiring and intriguing. What he saw was a woman Focused and faithful to him paying attention to the needs of their home.  He saw and found an Energetic woman, an entrepreneur who never lacked in enthusiasm. He saw you. Seek to be part of your husband’s life and not apart from it. Seek to be the woman he proposed to. Seek to be a noble woman. 


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  1. Chuks Uche says:

    This is a great read, amazing write and really insightful

    Liked by 2 people

    1. omachona says:

      Thank you for your kind comment.


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