4 Simple Steps To The Perfect Cut Crease Eye Makeup

Cut crease or banana makeup is a term we’ve all heard and will still hear for a long time. While for some it is easy to create, for others it is not so easy.

You’ve got to look your best no matter where you are this year. Maybe, it’s just part of my resolutions. Looking good starts with your face and then your outfit.

However, to have the perfect cut-crease makeup, you need to have the perfect eyebrows. If your eyebrows aren’t neat, the cut crease won’t pop as they should.

So, what does cut crease eye makeup do for me?

Bustle.com beauty blogger Jessica Willingham notes “A cut crease is a great thing for those of us with extra small, deep-set or hooded eyes. A cut crease can make these shapes appear to be bigger and brighter. It’s a pretty cool technique that I rely on daily — I have very small eyes, and I love creating a larger, doe-eyed effect with shadow. Even if you have large eyes, you can play them up and show them off in a grander way with a cut crease”.

Always start your eyes with a bare face. This ensures that any fallout from the eye look doesn’t mess up your foundation.

So, this is the extremely cool benefit of cut crease eye makeup. Ready to rock those eyes? Here’s a step-by-step guide;

  • Apply An Eye-Primer: “Applying a primer before your eye-shadow is a super important step you should be doing all the time. A primer will help the shadow go on smooth and pigmented, whether it’s a $50 shadow or it cost you $1 at your favorite drugstore” says Bustle.com beauty blogger Jessica Willingham.
  • Or you could also try applying a coat of solid foundation to your eyelids, to act as a primer. With a soft eye pencil, draw a line directly onto your natural crease. Give your line a small flick on the outer edge, similar to the one that you would draw when creating a cat eyeliner.
  • Apply Transition Shade Eye-shadow: A light matte brown, warm or cool, serves as a cool transition shade for your eyes. You want to ease the transition from skin to shadow, and something a little darker than your skin tone helps do that in a way that looks blended and natural.
  • Or create a crease line using dark tone foundation. With a small blending brush & a small amount of eye shadow, begin blending the line you just created upwards. The creamy foundation should make blending very easy. Make sure to keep the bottom part of the line sharp & non-blended. On the area below your line, tap a light eye shadow to set the foundation.
  • Use a marker tip eyeliner to create a winged eye. First, lightly run the liner against your lash line. Next, take the tip of the liner from the corner of your eye and extend upward to your brow. Finally, connect the line back down to your lid. Take your time to get the perfect look.
  • Give your eyelashes a good curl and apply two coats of mascara. Apply neutral gloss or light lipstick and voila! Your 4- step cut crease makeup is ready to rock!


Any questions? Please leave them in the comment section. Thank you!


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