The Perfect Heartbreak: Eric


I have everything all planned out. The scene, the lights, romantic table for two and the perfect 6-course meal. Sherryl loves expensive things…especially expensive food. At first it was weird that she could eat so much and still be so slim. But she said she had a fast metabolism. Still, that shouldn’t mean that I have to spend 45% of my salary every month ‘maintaining’ Sherryl’s standards. Trust me, I’ve done the calculations.

It doesn’t matter. Tonight is the night. I have the perfect breakup plan. I hope this finally works. Maybe I should just let you judge this matter fairly. I’m always open to suggestions from people.

But, before I continue my story, there are several fun facts you should know about Sherryl;

a. Sherryl has a crazy temper and demonic mood swings. Yes, I call them demonic because I still can’t understand how someone can be extremely happy one moment and then get all cranky, moody and depressed the next. I’d never met or dated such a person before Sherryl. You can’t read Sherryl. You can’t know what she’s thinking. Even when she says she wants to tell you what she’s thinking about…take 10 steps back. You don’t wanna get hit by a snow globe or letter opener.                                                

Whenever Sherryl gets angry, she throws stuff around and breaks stuff. Last week, she set my Van Gogh on fire! I mean, I thought all women are meant to be gentle, loving, caring and simply wonderful to be with. But Sherryl is the exact opposite. I‘m tired of playing nurse to a grown-ass woman who should have gotten over crap like that.

b. Sherryl never has anything good to say about anybody. She badmouths and criticizes everything and everyone. I wonder at her beauty at times and I also wonder about how someone so beautiful could have so much bitterness, malice and simple disgust for everything good. When I met Sherryl, she was all warm, loving and kind but I should have seen it as the façade that it was. I thought she was perfect inside and out but it turns out she isn’t.

I got scared of asking about Sherryl’s opinions on any issue…even about my dress sense. I wasn’t sure anymore if I had what it took to stand up to her anymore. Sherryl is 5”5 but I’m scared of her. I’m 6”1 and I can’t look her in the eye because I’m scared of hearing her destructively criticize me.

c. Sherryl doesn’t appreciate anything. And I mean anything. You could buy her a diamond-studded phone with her name on it, and all Sherryl will say is “Eric, is this all you can do?” Do you have any idea how it feels like knowing that you could donate ALL your internal organs for this woman and all she’d say is, “Is that all you can do”? What am I supposed to do? Die for her? She’d probably come meet me in heaven or hell…whichever one the Man deems fit and still not say “thank you” once.

And anytime you try appealing to her to say “thank you” even once, Sherry just takes you down memory lane of how her exes used to do more for her and not once did they ever ask her to thank them. According to her, because they (her exes) knew she valued what they did for her.

I’ve never been so underappreciated in my entire life until I met Sherryl. I feel that she only agreed to date me just because she could show me off. Funny thing is, everyone thinks Sherryl is a great person. I know better.

d. Another fun fact for you. Sherryl believes nothing, and I mean nothing, is her fault. She refuses to take responsibility for her mistakes but would rather blame me…conveniently placed in her life me. Or when she sees she can’t blame me for her mistakes, she blames everything else…no matter how unrelated that thing is to what she did.

Imagine this;

“Sherry, the house is a mess. What happened?”

“Eric, you left me alone all day. Not even a single call from you. I was sad, and bored, and hurt that you didn’t bother to call. I decided to sleep instead”.

“How does my not calling mean you shouldn’t clean up where you eat, drink, and sleep? I had a busy day at work”.

You can imagine what happens next. She starts screaming and shouting about how unfair it is that she has to stay home alone.

Geez. She’s the one who’s refused to work, saying it isn’t befitting to me that my girlfriend has to work. And I let her be. But, she’s blaming me for that?

e. My dearly beloved Sherryl believes in monopoly. And I mean the kind of monopoly that keeps you on a really tight and tiny leash. I’ve got my friends, hobbies, and other stuff that I love to do…that I had before I met Sherryl but she never lets me spend time with them. She has a really tough time letting me have my own space and would prefer having me as her Gucci handbag to have and to carry everywhere.

I used to think that Sherryl knew that our relationship was just one part of my life and that I had other stuff going on for me. But barely 3 months into our relationship, I had a curfew. I couldn’t be in the house later than 11pm. I couldn’t talk to my female friends or even the male ones unless they were business partners. I couldn’t hug my friends anymore or have a guys’ night because Sherryl was scared they’d be a ‘bad influence’ to me.

I have been monopolized by a woman who’s as possessive as a squirrel who has only one acorn for winter.

f. Sherryl is always right. Sherryl is never wrong. Even when she sees her faults and knows deep inside that she’s wrong, Sherryl would NEVER say she’s sorry or admit her wrong. She’d rather keep justifying what she’s done or blame you for her faults.

Did I try helping her become a better person? Yes. Yes I did. Even suggested seeing a counsellor or psychologist who could help. Sherryl agreed but didn’t show up for her appointments.

Did I ever meet her parents or go to her family home to know more about her? Yes I did. Her family was really nice, especially her dad whom she told me wasn’t a good father. When I asked why, she practically became a clam.

Am I complaining too much? No, I don’t believe I am. Why? Because all these fun facts are not because I hate her but because I can’t spend the rest of my life being unhappy and unsatisfied with the woman I planned to spend the rest of my life with.

I really believed she was the one. But now, having dealt with her issues this past year, I think I’m done and she’s going to know that tonight. Our relationship has become toxic.

Is this is the best decision to make? Since I figured out who Sherryl really is, I’ve not been happy at all. Weird? Not really. I’ve tried giving her everything she wants, taking her everywhere she wants to go, but it isn’t enough. It’s no longer enough. I don’t have a better outlook on life because of her. My problems have even become bigger now and I have more nightmares too.

I thought and truly hoped she was the one. I don’t hate Sherryl…I don’t think I ever can but it’s just wishful thinking on my part that Sherryl and our relationship would become better.

Sherryl has been driving me crazy for the wrong reasons and I can’t handle it anymore. Who I am is getting buried under her attitude and I don’t want that.

I used to smile every time I saw Sherryl or even thought about her. It felt so right and natural whenever I was with her. I loved spending time with her but now I avoid spending time with her as much as I can because she hurts me every single time. With her words, her actions…everything. It’s like I never mattered to her and she’s trying to get rid of me anyway she can.

Am I wrong in wanting to breakup with her? I’m a man and I’m not ashamed to say that being in this relationship is breaking me. I love her but do you think it’s enough?

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