There are days, especially Mondays, that I wake up and I feel so tired. I lack the drive to stand up, get ready for work, and to work. Have you ever had that feeling? At a time, I began to think that there was something seriously wrong with Mondays- maybe a demon behind the tiredness, lethargy, and crankiness that came with Monday mornings. But, there’s something that I’ve come to understand- the fact that my days are the way they are because of my thoughts, actions, and even reactions towards them.

Mondays used to be bad days for me-when I was a teenager in high school, a college student, a graduate college student, and now as a worker. I dreaded Mondays because they never had a good start for me. There are still some Mondays that I don’t look forward to.

If you’re like me, or used to be like me, these words of motivation just might help you know that every day, including Mondays, are good days. And that every single day is very important in achieving our dreams and goals.

So, we have named today Motivation Monday. Everything motivation quotes and images. Who knows, you just might find something that might trigger in you the lust to succeed more than you already have. You ready?

Remember, it all starts with your mindset- how you think affects what you do.

the-best-days-picture-quote-motivationLife is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. - Charles R. SwindollGet help from these motivational quotes so you can start your year with a positive outlook on life and take on the challenge of having a great 2017.:

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