4 Simple Tips To Prevent Computer Malware By delitetosin

Imagine a world free of Virus, a world free of Trojan and a world free of Worms, but we all know that is a far cry from reality. We know it is a far cry because where there is cyberspace, there is cyber-attack, and where there is cyber-attack, there would equally be the need for a corresponding cyber security. And cyber security has never been in more demand than in today’s advancing digital world.

Let’s face it, we only required lock and key in the days of hard copies but we both would agree that those days are long gone. Faced with an increasing digital world, we have to deal with all the ramifications.


This article outlines four steps to securing cyber security for start-up businesses and small businesses alike. I would however, not stop short because home users can be beneficiaries too. Before that though, let me state that cyber threats come in many forms. Malware in particular, is the generic term used for most cyber threats. And it is this generic term that would be the topic of our discussion today.

So What Exactly is Malware?


Malware is a generic term for a software that contains either Trojan, Virus, Worm or any kind of program intended to harm a computer system. We would consider the different types of malware in another article but for now, let us proceed with the business at hand by laying out the four basic steps to ensure your system does not become a victim to potential files meant to corrupt your system.

The steps I will be introducing may seem simple, but make no mistake because failing to implement them could expose your information system or computer to danger. I am in no doubt that you have heard some horrible cyber-crime stories in the likes of data corruption and theft of personal information. And believe me, theft is just one aspect of cyber-crime, there are many more than we probably care to know.

And without further ado, here are the four basic steps that would help your start-up, small business or even personal computer system procure basic security and peace of mind for you.

Four Basic Tips For Cyber Security

  • Create a secure password: many advocate a password length of at least 8 characters, with a mixture of letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Install updates when required.
  • Ensure that patches are from trusted sources.
  • Get a good anti-virus software: Kaspersky, Avast, McAfee and Sophos anti-virus are good ones. You can either procure a subscription for the period required or go for a yearly subscription. latest-updates

An operating system is an operating system, it does not matter which I use. Someone might say, you are right, but a system that is no longer supported by a vendor is a huge security risk if it is being used on the internet because you are only inviting potential attacks. If there are no updates, avast-antivirus-software-300x246there are bound to be security holes that hackers would too happily explore. So what is the message? The message is, if
an operating system has no vendor support, it is not a good candidate for the internet. Get this right and your chances of peace would rocket high.




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