Antara: Episodes 145-147 Review


Aditya gets furious at Abhishek for speaking discourteously to his mom. Yet, Vidya placates Aditya saying that Abhishek will undoubtedly have such fits when he feels that he is being disregarded. On his way to work, Aditya is hit by an intolerable pain in his stomach. Despite the fact that he tries to overlook it, Sameer watches that Aditya is sick and takes him to the specialist before dropping him home. Sameer comes back to Aditya’s home with his medical report. Aditya does not regard the circumstance to be serious but rather Sameer’s grave expression implies something else. Aditya is dazed on reading the report.

Aditya is stunned to see the report which says that he may have stomach cancer. Aditya and Sameer choose to keep the report a secret from Vidya until the specialists conducts additionally tests to affirm Aditya’s disease. In the interim, Abhishek’s dissatisfaction over being overlooked by his parents keeps on increasing each passing day. At the point when Billu prods Milli at a christmas party, Abhishek grabs a fight with him. Abhishek keeps on staying aggravated with Antara. On their way to school, Abhishek begins shouting at Antara and deserts her in the middle of the road. Antara meanders heedlessly out and about and comes in the way of a speeding truck.

The truck heading towards Antara manages to stop on time. Be that as it may, the commotion because of the traffic makes Antara uneasy and she begins shouting. Abhishek takes Antara away from the chaos, however tells her that helping her does not imply that he likes her. Antara and Vidya are at the market when an unpleasant man tries to drug Antara and kidnap her. Be that as it may, Vidya catch up with Antara in time and prevent her abduction. Aditya goes to the hospital to conduct further tests so that the reason for his stomach pain is learned. Aditya is assuaged when the first test show that all is well. However, the doctor who conducted biopsy on Aditya lets him know that he is suffering stomach cancer.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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