My 2017 Valentine Movie List By victoria

Well, it’s almost that time of year again to spend some quality time with your loved one. I mean Valentine. Don’t think that it’s too early to start compiling your Valentine bucket list- especially when it comes to movies to see this year. If you and your Val are movie lovers like myself and you don’t know what movie(s) to see this Valentine season, then, here is my 2017 Valentine Movie List. You don’t want to miss out this Valentine season;

  1. Anniversary: The movie “Anniversary” directed by Afe Olumowe and produced by OGPLUS Films depicts love, passion, affection, deceit and heartbreak. The romantic comedy revolves around a happily married couple, Harry (Gideon Okeke) and Sarah (Ebube Nwagbo) who have been together for five years and are blessed with a boy of five. On their sixth wedding anniversary year, Harry wants something more exciting. He needs something else. What else does he need? Watch the trailer here.
  1. Living Ghost: There’s a strong love bond between Uti and Princess and now that they are both in separate worlds, Uti still can’t let go and Phillip is beginning to get more confused. Featuring: Eddy Watson, Zynel Lydia, and Robert Scott. Watch the trailer here
  1. Scam: A scammer reinvents himself as a prince in order to win the heart of one of the very popular Karda sisters: however, his intentions are not what they appear to be. Featuring: Yvonne Nelson, Prince David Osei, Betty Njoku,Zynell Lydia Zuh, Too Sweet Annan, Narsh Alexei Smith.Watch the trailer here.
  1. Sasha: Everyone is looking for Sasha, played by Yvonne Okoro who has cancer and not long to live. She has disappeared after being knocked over on the road. Artus approaches a local don to find her whereabouts only to be held by that man who presumes that he in fact knows where she is. Sasha is recovering at her aunty house and devastated that her son is missing, only for the don to reunite mother and son and then request a date from the mother as a thank you from her.Watch the trailer here.
  1. Unjustified: What do you do when your partner keeps taking you for granted? Well you make a choice. What if the choices you make come back to bite you? Then is too late to turn back the hands of time. This is the story of Cynthia who is caught between two worlds.Watch the trailer here.
  1. Adebayo Aremu Abere: The unbeatable Aremu shows us into his world where he rules like a king and unveils the master mind monster that he truly is.Watch the trailer here.
  1. The Ex: Richard and Elisa Tade are a young couple who are in love. They share everything together but not until Linda came into the picture then the untold story begins which test the love of the couple. Will their love stand the struggle or will it fall apart?Watch the trailer here.
  1. Aransiola: When a couple takes an oath to prove their love for each other, what happens next?…Find out in this revealing story. Watch the trailer here.
  1. Backward: Obsession is the single most wasteful human activity, because with it, you keep coming back to the same questions and still never get the right answer: Can obsession then be referred to as true love? Find out in “Backward”. Starring: Betty Olumowe, Kalu Ikeagu,Seun Akindele, Zynnell Zuhnnn. Watch the trailer here.
  1. Yara Keta: An interesting and educative comedy movie of three young men confronted with similar predicaments who cross paths on their quest for a divine breakthrough. Hmmm…. Truly filled with loads of morals!Watch the trailer here.

Please like, share, and comment if you love the movies. Danke!


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