Twist Of Fate: Episode 194-195 Review


Suresh pleads with Pragya to request Bulbul to accept him. Pragya says she cannot as Bulbul loves Purab and he cannot get her in his life. He falls unconscious hearing that. Rachna comes there and Abhi’s bodyguards get him into his car. Rachna apologizes to Pragya for Suresh’s misbehavior in her party and asks why did she did not call him when she knew about Purab and Bulbul’s marriage announcement. Pragya says she did not know about it and Abhi invited him. Abhi asks her to take care of him and leaves for home as it is late at night. Rachna leaves.

Daadi asks Sarla to calm down. Sarla asks how can she. Purbi’s mom says she is more shocked than anyone else as she believed Suresh more than anyone else and asks Purbi to not take tuition from Suresh. Daadi says it is good Suresh’s truth came out, and that Suresh is paying for rejecting Pragya.

Abhi tries to hide under his bed thinking Pragya will scold him. Pragya sees him and thinks he trying to find something and tries to help him. She also gets under  the bed. He says it’s a cockroach. She asks where it is. He says he was just trying to hide from her. She asks why. He says he thought she would pull his leg for what he said downstairs. He gives her a book and asks to tell how many times A is printed in it. She says how can she say. He says just like that, he was lying downstairs. She asks what kind of comparison it is. He says it is his comparison. She says A is printed 26960 times. He starts counting and then says he knows she is trying to being smart and asks if she is really smart, then she should fulfill her challenge of proposing to him. She hesitantly tells a romantic poem. He gets impressed and subconsciously comes near her. They both romantically look at each other. Serial’s title song….plays in the background.

Abhi praises her and says it is unbelievable, she can be so romantic. She asks if she won the challenge. He says of course. She asks what her is gift then. He says he will change her name from chashmish to fuggi. She asks if he thinks she is swollen. He shows her childhood chubby pic. She asks where did he get it from. He says he got it from  the internet. She says her childhood name is Pinky and asks him to change his name to Abhi fuggi instead. Abhi continues teasing her. He gets a call and says he will leave soon. He calls Purab and asks him to reach designer’s boutique to select dresses. Purab asks him to bring Pragya as she is the best person to tell Bulbul’s choice. Abhi agrees and thinks how should he convince her. Purab also thinks to convince Bulbul now.

Abhi asks Pragya to get ready for shopping. She says she will not come. He asks her to call Purab and tell, he will win challenge. She asks what challenge. He says he challenged Purab that Pragya will come for marriage shopping and he challenged she will not, so if she does not, he will win. She angrily gets into changing room.

Tanu asks Mitali about Abhi. Mitali says she should forget Abhi. Tanu asks why. She says she does not see her future here. Tanu asks her to stop and tell where is Abhi. Mitali says she went out with Pragya. Tanu asks where. Mitlai says she does not know, even daadi must not be knowing, she even heard Abhi calling producer and speaking about Pragya, looks like he will replace her with Pragya in every ads. Aaliya comes there and says Tanu that Pragya has come to his house due to destiny and when everyone has accepted her, she should also accept it and forget Abhi. Tanu gets annoyed and walks out from there.

Abhi and Pragya fight in a boutique over a petty issue. Abhi calls her fuggi and she angrily starts fighting. Bulbul and Purab get worried for them and plan to unite them. Producer meet them there. They both start fighting in front of him again asking him to help them first. Purab and Bulbul interfere and stop their fight. Purab gives Abhi girl’s clothes to try without looking at it. Tanu who is spying on them thinks she will not let them unite again.

Pragya goes to a changing room and changes her dress. Abhi also comes there. Bulbul sends Abhi to the same changing room. She thinks Bulbul has come in and asks to close her zip, but it is Abhi who has come in by mistake. She is shocked to see him and asks him to go out. He says she has to go out and they both start fighting. Abhi asks her to go out. She says her zip is open, so she cannot. He asks her to take Bulbul’s oath. Pragya takes oath and says her zip is open. He tries to get out of trial room, but sees people standing out and scolding for getting late. He gets back in.

Suresh wakes up in the morning and tells Rachna that because of him, Pragya’s family is insulted. Rachna says he does not have to be ashamed as he spoke out his heart. He says it was not the right place. She asks him to stop blaming himself and also not go back and try to confront anyone.

Tanu asks the boutique manager to show her the trial room CCTV footage. The Producer hears that and asks if she is not ashamed to see someone changing dresses. She says it is none of his business. He yells at her and walks out.

Pragya hides her back by standing near the wall. Abhi asks her to come and sit as her back is seen via a mirror. She sits. He says Bulbul sent him here and says it was her plan. Pragya asks him not to yell at her sister. People who were waiting to change dresses knock the door and ask them to come out. Tanu suggests to call security and break the door. Pragya gets tensed hearing that and asks Abhi to close her zip by closing his eyes. He does the same hesitantly.

People shout for Abhi and Pragya to open the door. Security comes and they ask to break the door. Purab and Bulbul interfere and ask them to wait. Security tries to break the door, but Abhi opens door before that and comes out with Pragya. People recognize Abhi and ask if he not ashamed to be with a woman inside and they badmouth Pragya. Abhi says Pragya is his wife and they should be ashamed to badmouth his wife. Purab and Bulbul smile hearing Abhi taking Pragya’s side while Tanu is not pleased.

SOURCE: Zee World International.


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  1. Immi says:

    I think the writer lost the plot. Story becoming foolish..


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