“5 Types Of Women Guys Avoid” By Jenn Appeal

I will start this piece assuming that my words can be retracted, as I am a firm believer in the FACT that experience and environment change people. We might try to deny it but the truth is that we conform when we find ourselves alienated from our immediate society.

Now that that disclaimer is out, let me proceed by informing you, from a homely lady’s standpoint and you may choose to challenge it, what kinds of ladies NOT TO DATE.

#1. The Homely Girl. 
Surprised? Well, I was too.  Personally I was confronted with the many facts that met me as a homely “new wife”. With my very modest and conservative upbringing, I’ve had to adjust to the many habits of a more exposed and experience partner. Nay, I’ve evolved. Some positives abide, however. The activities of “the other room” have blossomed.

#2. The Office Raccoon. 
Forgive my description, but many-a-wives detest this menacing office flirt, with talons for nails and red rose lipstick that bare semblance of her last kill. Charming is her way but score is always her game. She is always sure to find the shortest distance between men; A straight unabashed line.

#3. The Career Woman. 
Here, I stand to be corrected. For a woman must learn to hold her own when men fear her magnificence. But power, they say, is addictive and blinds you to the empathy that comes with love. #GirlPower by the way!

#4. The Ex. 
There was a reason why you left her in the first place. Not much to that.

#5. The Nagger. 
Like a leaking roof she will drive you mad, slowly ebb away your zest for life and ware your spirit. Some men are driven to succeed to satiate her needs, placate her with the fine things of life, but no sooner do they find solace in the bosoms of another. I know this one story where he even found fulfillment… in another man.

Wouldn’t you like to hear that story? But oh, look! My 300 words are up.


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