Antara: Friday Update (Episodes 151- 153)

Aditya and Vidya panic when Antara does not return from the clinic. Their fear increases when they are not able to contact Vikram or anyone in the clinic. Unable to control their apprehension any longer, Aditya, Vidya and Abhishek head towards Vikram’s clinic to look for Antara. But Bhola locks himself with Antara inside the clinic, making Vidya think that nobody is at the clinic. Fortunately Vidya succeeds in contacting Vikram, who says he will meet them at the clinic and they can check it once again. Bhola ties up Antara and forces her to sniff chloroform, making her unconscious. But before he can abuse Antara, Vikram enters the clinic with Vidya and Aditya, forcing Bhola to flee the scene. Aditya tries to catch Bhola but another attack leaves him writhing in pain, giving Bhola the chance to escape.

Aditya is rushed to the hospital after he collapses in pain while chasing the man who tried to molest Antara. Once Vidya leaves to take care of Antara, Vikram confronts Aditya and asks why he has not told his family that he is suffering from cancer. Aditya says that he himself has not been able to accept the fact yet. However, Aditya says that he will tell Vidya as soon as he finds the right moment. Vikram returns to his clinic and questions Bhola about the previous night’s incident. Bhola feigns complete ignorance about the events and expresses fake shock when he hears about the horror Antara faced. Vikram decides to report the matter to the police.

Vikram decides to lodge a complaint against Bhola for molesting Antara. Vidya and Aditya reach the police station. Aditya gets violent on seeing Bhola. Aditya tries again to train Antara to be independent. But Antara remains adamant. Vidya offers to make Antara independent. Vidya discovers Aditya’s medical report. Her world is shattered.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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