Young Dreams: Episodes 160- 162 Review For Today

Prabhu says they don’t want the car. Charu then complains to her mother that she is tired and wants to go in the new car. Finally, Prabhu agrees. During the bidai, Charu pretends to cry and be sad. Mayank is annoyed and walks away but Prabhu tells him there has been enough drama for the day and to realise his responsibilities. The bidai ceremony takes place as Kal ho naa ho song plays in the background and Mayank thinks of Gunjan. Shail is sad and thinks about Gunjan. Gunjan is looking sad and Rachna comes to console her but Gunjan tells her to leave her alone for a while. Rachna leaves and Gunjan takes the photo of her mother and hugs it. Gunjan starts thinking of her and Mayank. In front of the house the welcoming rituals are being done and Mayank angrily tells Seema what else is to be done.

She tells him to wait and calls out to Pihu to do the aarti. Pihu asks Mayank for a token before doing the aarti and Mayank tells her the wedding is over and to let him go. Seema gives Pihu a gold bangle. Sangeeta tells Bua it would be better if Shail did the aarti. Bua signals to Shail to do it. Shail takes the aarti platter heavyhearted. Shail does the aarti but imagines Gunjan as the bride and everyone are smiling. She tells Gunjan to knock the pot of rice with her foot and put her feet in the platter with red dye. Then she is startled from her dream and sees Charu doing it. Pihu calls Charu sister in-law and says there’s a lot more rituals to do.

Charu asks Pihu why is she calling her sister in-law and she’s 5 years younger to Pihu and should be called by her name Charu which is a nice name. Sangeeta nudges Charu and she angrily refers to Sangeeta as aunt and asks her why she nudged her. Charu tells Sangeeta she’s calling her right as she’s her chachi saas ( aunty ). Seema tells Charu there’s the face showing ceremony and she’ll get everyone’s blessings. Mayank angrily walks off. Gunjan is packing her things and irritated by the noise from the ceremony going on. The ladies see Charu’s face and say she beautiful . Charu looks at the money they gave and tells Sangeeta they’re stingy. Shail thinks she hasn’t seen Gunjan and goes to see if she’s alright. Seema angrily curses that Shail is worried about no one but Gunjan. Gunjan is clearing the things from the room and Shail comes and sees her packing.

Shail asks Gunjan where she’s going and Gunjan says there’s no point of her staying anymore and to let her go. Shail asks Gunjan why did she prevent her dream from coming true and that she really wanted to see Gunjan and Mayank together and asks why did Gunjan spoil it. Gunjan says she did not sacrifice and whatever she did was for her self-respect and that for a girl her self respect is important. She says Mayank and her don’t respect each other. Gunjan says only she knows what she’s going through and Mayank never listened to her and if he did then he never believed her. She apologizes to Shail for hurting her and Shail says there’s no need to apologize as it’s not her fault and she doesn’t need to leave and no mother will let her daughter leave. Shail says she’ll never let her go anywhere. The ladies are talking saying that Mayank must not be happy with the wedding as he’s not with Charu during the ceremony.

Seema and Sangeeta overhear and try to say that Mayank is shy and that’s the reason he’s not there and they’ll get him. Mayank is in his room and thinks about what Gunjan said at the wedding to Shail. He angrily pulls the decoration from the bed and says he will never forgive Gunjan as she took the wrong decision of his life. Seema and Sangeeta come to Mayank’s room and see what he did and asks him to come out as people are waiting. Mayank tells them to say he’s not coming and that his life is ruined and shattered and it’s all because of his mother. Seema tells him to shout loudly so that the people outside can hear as well as Shail has already insulted her. Dayal and Prabhu come into the room and Seema tells Dayal she had been humiliated at the wedding. Prabhu says she started all of this and Seema says she did it for her son’s happiness and every mother would. Seema says Shail made them lose their respect. Dayal requests Mayank to go and complete the rituals so they can be at peace. Pihu is preparing the plate with milk and flowers and puts the ring in it and tells Mayank and Charu to find the ring to determine who will dominate whom. Charu starts holding Mayank’s hand and he angrily pulls away. Charu eventually finds the ring and is very happy. Pihu tells Mayank that Charu would dominate him for the rest of his life.

Later, Shail comes in the room and applies some ointment on her forehead. Dayal angrily confronts Shail about what happened at the wedding. Shail says she supported the truth and everyone should know the truth that Gunjan was innocent and why should she suffer due to someone’s scheming. Dayal says just to be a good aunt she forsakes her other relationships. Shail tells Dayal he took the responsibility of taking care of the expenses of her engagement and wedding because he considers Gunjan as his daughter too. Shail says then how can Gunjan be a stranger and that she and Mayank would have been happy together.

Dayal asks Shail does all the other relationships not matter to her. Shail says if it didn’t matter she wouldn’t have taken part in the wedding. Seema and Sangeeta are eavesdropping at the door and are happy to hear Dayal scold Shail. Seema tells Sangeeta that Mayank is angry and Sangeeta says Charu will handle him. Pihu tells Mayank to forget the past and start a new life with Charu. Mayank tells Charu she’s not his friend. Charu says she’s his life long friend. Mayank says if she was then she would not have agreed to Gunjan but to tell him the truth. Charu says love is blind and she got persuaded by Gunjan. Charu tells Mayank she really loves him and that they are happily married couple and hugs Mayank. Mayank pushes her away. He tells her he doesn’t know if they will be happy and the state he’s in he will be unable to keep her happy. Mayank takes a pillow puts it on the couch and leaves.

Charu is angry with Gunjan and says that she will make her life a living hell and the more Mayank distances himself from her the more she will torture Gunjan. Gunjan gets ready and prays to God asking to give her strength to go through this phase and to support and help her. She then puts on a happy face and smiles and goes to wake up Rachna. She then goes to the kitchen and happily talks to Shail. Shail thinks that Gunjan has so much strength to move and wants to move on in life. Gunjan helps Shail pack the food. Seema comes to the kitchen looking for cups for the tea. Shail tells her she made tea. Seema tells her not to pretend to be nice as she wouldn’t have made a scene on the wedding day. Shail tells Gunjan to serve the tea and Seema says not to forget that Charu is also in this house now.

Shail gives Gunjan a tray of tea cups to serve all and Seema reminds her that Charu is also a part of the house. Shail scolds Seema that it’s more than enough. Gunjan says to Shail that it’s okay if she is giving to all and will give to Charu too.
Gunjan goes to Charu’s room to give her tea, Charu tries to make her jealous through her words. Gunjan says that she has to arrive college so ask her to take the tray. Later, in the hall Sangeeta and Seema excited to open the gifts box brought by Charu with her. Prabhu gives a gift to Shail that it’s from Charu’s house. Shail denies to take it. Seema goes to Prabhu and scolds him and took the gift back, Sangeeta follows her. Prabhu tells them that he is going to Charu’s house to return the car but Seema got angry and says it’s a gift of Mayank not yours.

Mayank comes and says that he doesn’t want the car. Seema and Sangeeta tries to stop him but Mayank says why they have taken this car. Meanwhile Charu says that her father had given the car for Mayank’s comfort. Prabhu says that all have to live in this house accordingly. Dayal also agrees with Prabhu and says that he had already talk with Charu’s father to take back the car. Seema blames Gunjan and Shail for this but Charu says that she will get back the car and it’s her promise.

Meanwhile, the three girls are going to college and some bikers comes and surrounds them and asks to come with them. Gunjan got angry and say a lot to them. When one of the biker was coming to Gunjan, Vihaan comes and asks what’s the matter, all college students gets together and after seeing this all the bikers got scared. The other two girls also boosts up and the bikers sat on their knees and apolozises. Gunjan says they should be punished a lot . All the three says a lot and they are beaten them up with sandels. Vihaan says that they need to be faced by someone. There’s some dance competition going to be held at the college. Vihaan asks Gunjan and Rachna to participate. Gunjan denies but Vihaan says that there’s no class today and she can cheer up with them.

On the other hand, Shail stops Dayal to give him lunch and asks Pihu when she is going back, Pihu asks if she is not happy with her staying here. She was married as early as possible but other two girls are permitted to do whatever they want. Meanwhile, Charu asks Mayank which saree to wear. Mayank says that he had a headache and she will not get it and goes. Shail stops him and ask for lunch. Shail advices him to accept the marriage but he denies and says he will never and its being done wrong with him.

Later, Rachna and Vihaan dances and Rajeev sees them. Rachna while dancing sees Rajeev. Rajeev introduces a new choreographer and he asks every student to come and dance alone, to give a solo performance. Chaya asks Gunjan to dance and asks Rajeev to force Gunjan to dance, Rajeev says that if she doesn’t want it’s her wish, when she wishes she will come and dance. Gunjan thanked him. There’s some couple dance going on “DAGABAAZ RE” song and Gunjan goes in flashback standing alone, the music stops and Gunjan starts her dance reminding Mayank’s marriage with Charu on the song “DOLA RE DOLA RE”. She also reminds of the harshing words by Mayank and she dances like anything, continues her dance for long and falls down, Rajeev continues applause her and others also applause too.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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