Moaning Mondays…

Yep. I called it. Moaning Mondays. Mondays, to so many of us, represent the worst day of the week. At times you wish that Monday would not just exist. We also wish we didn’t have to go to school, or work, or anywhere. We want Mondays to be lazy Mondays but they (Mondays) truly are Moaning Mondays for us. On Mondays, we moan about everything we didn’t or don’t want to do. We moan about the toothpaste, our toothbrush, our haircut or hairstyle and every other thing we can possibly think of.

On Mondays, we moan and procrastinate and push forward all those things and tasks we’re meant to achieve. But the trend repeats itself every single Monday. I mean, don’t we all get tired of complaining or being cranky and irritable on Mondays? Don’t we get tired of going back and forth, wasting time when there are places to go, things to do, lives to bless?

You may be thinking, “What is she going on about?” What I am going on about is the fact that we need to stop moaning and complaining and start doing! We need to get back up even when we’re down. We need to stand firm even if everything inside of us wants to curl up on the floor and relax. 2017 isn’t a year to relax and let good stuff pass you by. You need to sit up and STOP MOANING.

You need to realize that whatever happens to you is a result of what you’ve planted. Farmers don’t plant corn and expect barley neither do butterflies procreate mosquitoes. They just don’t gel.

“Whatever you put effort into is what will work for you”. You should see 2017 as a year to do great things. You should believe 2017 is a year of exploits. You should see 2017 as a year of creativity and innovation. Nobody’s a nobody. A nobody can be a somebody tomorrow. But to be a somebody tomorrow, you need to put your today at work. You need to maximize that skill, or talent, or gift. You ain’t gonna sit down and watch good things pass you by.

I don’t want that for you and you DEFINITELY don’t want that for yourself. You need to stop moaning about the past, the present, and even the future and take action today! Your existence is valuable but when you keep grumbling and complaining, you shortchange yourself.


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