Love Like Your Past No Longer Matters

I know how hard it can be to get over hearbreak and betrayal. I know how it is that you love someone with all your heart and soul and then you find that that person has been cheating on you, talking bad about you behind your back, or even lying that you’re not in a relationship with him or her.

It hurts. It hurts real bad but you need to let go and focus on your present and your future. You need to love now like your past no longer matters. You need to love like you’ve gotten over the hurt, the pain, and the heartache.

I get that it may be a little hard for you to trust again or even believe that true love is true and real but hey, when you get a chance at the real deal, you don’t bother about the fake anymore. You grab on and live your life like there’s no past to worry about or tomorrow to be blue about.

Love is wonderful…and you DEFINITELY should not let your past ruin that for you. You should definitely not let your past dictate how you live, love, and laugh. Love…as though you’ve never been hurt before.

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