Young Dreams: Wednesday Updates (Episodes 168-170)

Rachna come to the rehearsal hall and on she is excited on wooing Vihaan with her dance. Vihaan and the others enter. Gunjan switches on the music Rachna dances with heels. Vihaan is not looking at her and busy staring at Gunjan. Rachna feels bad as Vihaan tells Gunjan that he wants to talk to her and they go out. Rachna slips and Vihaan tells her that did she practice to slip the whole night. Rachna feels worse when Vihaan tells her to stop copying Gunjan as she is not a natural dancer and tells her to give 200 percent. Gunjan and Vihaan talks and he tells her they will surprise Rachna. The plan is to perform Rachna and Vihaan love story via songs and dance sequence.

Rachna’s friends will be included in the plan including Chaya, Vihaan asks Gunjan to keep it a secret. Later, Gunjan’s phone rings and Rachna picks it up. She ends up seeing the sms and feels weird as Gunjan lied to her. She walks out and sees Gunjan and Vihaan talking overhears the word ‘secret’. Gunjan and Vihaan cover up saying they were talking about cigarette, leaving Rachana disturbed. Vihaan flirts with Rachna and asks her who makes her blush.

Gunjan meets Rajeev who tells her that Rachna is not playing hockey. Gunjan tells him that she is busy with Vihaan. Gunjan tells that atleast someone’s love is going on. Rajeev tells her that she and Rachna have unique bond and they talk about their siblings. On the other hand, Charu talks to her mother and is very excited and Sangeeta comes in to tell her that a parcel has arrived. Some people enter with a bed dressing table and other stuff. Everyone is shocked and the Gargs get furious when Charu accepts a gift from her parents while Seema is happy.

On Shail’s questioning, Charu replies she wanted to redo her room. Prabhu and bua upset, Dayal finally decides he will pay for everything and send a cheque to her parents leaving Charu happy and Seema disappointed as she thinks she won’t get more gifts from Charu’s mother. Vihaan and Rachna out in the canteen, he promises Rachna that the engagement day will be really special for her and her family evil background music in the background.

Vihaan asks Rachna if she likes ice cream, she agrees and asks Vihaan what he likes, he says he loves chocolate cake. Rachna asks him to order and he says they don’t make his type of chocolate cake. Rachna comes home and decides to surprise Vihaan with a cake made by her. Gunjan wants to go to Chaya’s house and Charu suggests to help Rachana but Rachana disagrees, saying Charu’s first rasoyi is not over and upset charu asks her to address her as bhabi ( sister in-law ). Charu hence, express her annoyance to Mayank. She also questions before the CD drama, he was ready to marry her but, Mayank gets annoyed and mentions his and his family’s displeasure on learning Charu behaviour over the days. Mayank leaves the room and bumps into Gunjan the stuff for cake falls down and they stare with heer from jthj in the background.

They have some moments where they are hesitant to touch each other. Mayank leaves. Shail, Gunjan and Rachna make the cake. The light dims and Rachna and Vihaan dance to sahebo songs. He lifts cream and milkmaid and add it in the batter. Rachna puts the cake in the oven and light goes off.

Gunjan joyously teases Rachna in front of the Gargs that she won’t give her the phone and they run around. Mayank is dressed to go out while Charu is upset, Seema comes in and says Mayank is going out for Rachna’s engagement preparations. Mayank leaves the room and bumps into Gunjan and ends up hugging her. Seema sees this and Mayank leaves. Seema taunts Gunjan that this is not a canteen while Gunman leaves. Everyone comes near the dining tabl, Mayank comes back to take his phone. Gunjan feels bad that the situation is getting weird for both of them.

Shail and Dayal talk about how Rachna will be leaving the house. Shail wants that Rachna should be allowed to study but Dayal says it will be her in-laws decision. Charu is upset as she has declined breakfast till Mayank comes home, she offers to help Bua with the curtains. Charu grabs the attention of the Garg’s by pretending to be in pain, after performing some household work and when all the ladies Seema, Sangeeta, Shail and Bua gather she says she sprained her back as she is not used to doing work. Charu smartly gets her household chores done by Seema as she pays Seema a compliment that she is still flexible and asks her to put the curtains. Seema climbs the stool and is cursing while Charu is busy playing with the balm which sangeeta had got for her on Shail’s orders. Seema loses her balance and is about to fall while performing the chores but, Gunjan prevents her from being hurt.

She offers to put up the curtains, Charu wants to do it and Seema asks her to rest. Charu leaves . Prabhu and Mayank come in. Rachna tells her mother that her hockey coach Rajeev is Vihaan’s brother. They are a bit worried if Savitri will come to know about Rachna playing hockey. Mayank and Gunjan assure her that if there was a problem Savitri devi would have already called. On the other hand, Mayank and Gunjan remember the day Rachna’s in- laws were about to come and Rachna was playing hockey. They are lost in the excitement and narrate the events of that day and talk like they did before the marriage. They are about to high five when they suddenly realize their mistake and Mayank walks off. Gunjan asks if she can take Rachna to the parlour, Bua does not want her to go but Shail persuades and finally Gunjan and Rachna leave. Shail tells Gunjan to get a nice facepack which she will apply before going to bed.

Mayank remembers the moment where everything was fine for a few seconds between him and gunjan. Seema consoling Mayank that who will say that he is recently married and there is no charm on his face. She says Charu is his wife and Charu has some shortcomings but even he has. Charu on the other hand overhears Seema’s conversation with Mayank about her and engages in an argument with Seema and is pissed off. She says both of them to adjust and Mayank walks off. Charu comes in and questions Seema why she is filling Mayank ears? She is upset Seema bitched about her and that she treated seema as her mother. She asks Seema to apologize and when Seema finally says sorry a couple of times she does not accept it and walks away.


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