Antara: Thursday Updates (Episodes 163-165)


Aditya tells Antara to never be discouraged by careless comments from strangers and asks Abhishek to take care of his mother and sister since he will be the man of the house once he goes away. Finally Aditya breathes his last and leaves for his heavenly abode. Aditya’s absence takes a heavy toll on Antara’s routines and her tantrums get worse. With Aditya not around to calm her down, Vikram fears that Antara may forget everything she has learnt over the years. Vidya decides to send Abhishek to a boarding school for his further studies. However, Vidya’s father opposes the decision and tells Vidya that instead of her own son, she must send Aditya’s illegitimate daughter away. Abhishek overhears the conversation and is shocked to learn the truth that was hidden from him for so long.

Abhishek’s hatred for Antara grows stronger when he finds out that Antara is his step-sister. Abhishek holds Antara responsible for all the problems he has faced in his life and blames her for Vidya’s decision to send him to a boarding school. Despite Abhishek’s innumerable pleas, Vidya sends him to a boarding school to complete his studies. 12 years pass by.

Though Antara has made tremendous progress in terms of communicating with people, she also continues maintaining her distance from the rest of the world. Meanwhile, Vidya tries her best to make ends meet by taking up odd jobs like singing for advertising jingles.

Antara refuses go to for her therapies without Aditya. Her therapist Neetu tries to convince Antara to go to the clinic with her, but she finally relents and continues with the therapy at home. Antara’s progress impresses Neetu and she tells Vidya that the day isn’t far when Antara will learn the ways of the world. Antara and Vidya go out for a walk when they meet Billu. A few rowdy boys from their locality try to harass Antara. Vidya forbids Billu from picking up a fight with the boys to teach them a lesson. Vikram advises Vidya to sell her house like the others in her locality have.

However, Vidya refuses since it would be next to impossible for Antara to adjust to a new home. Vikram advises Vidya to ask Abhishek to return home so that he can help them with the various difficulties they are facing. But Vidya says that Abhishek does not want to maintain any kind of relationship with her or Antara anymore

SOURCE: Zee World International


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