King of Hearts: Thursday Updates (Episodes 267-269)


Later everyone waits for Siddharth. Simran asks Roshni not to get tensed and Siddharth might come in sometime. Siddharth comes and apologizes. Bua Daadi says that she is seeing first bride, who is not crying. Roshni replies her that she is going from one home to another and her family and husband is good. She wants to go from here happily. Durgardevi asks Siddharth to keep Roshni happy and asks him not to touch her feet. Bua Daadi argues. Simran assures Durgardevi that she will keep Roshni happy as she is their daughter and not daughter in-law and they are eagerly waiting for their grandson or granddaughter. One woman asks Roshni to take the kalash till her sasural. Durgardevi says that Roshni can’t hold it for longer as it is heavy. Siddharth says he will hold it as no ritual is more to him that Roshni and his child.

Roshni leaves from her mother’s house and emotionally hugs everyone. Durgardevi gets tensed about Siddharth’s relatives, and says they don’t see anything beyond the rituals. Naani asks her not to worry. After reaching Khurana’s house, Roshni and Siddharth are warmly welcomed with the grah pravesh ritual. Simran does heir aarti and says their grah lakshmi came with all the rituals and with everyone acceptance. She asks her to step inside the house and kicks the kalash. Roshni steps inside, kicks the kalash and keeps her feet in the colored water. Simran takes them to in-house temple. Roshni prays to God to make her good daughter in-law ( bahu ), wife and mother so that she can give happiness to her family. Simran blesses her.

Siddharth takes her to their room and makes her wear happy mommy shoulder band and a baby’s tiara. Roshni gets touched with his gesture. He promises her that he would take utmost care of her and their child, keep her happy and never let any trouble or pain come her way. Mere Rubaru song plays in the background. He makes her sit on bed and touches her tummy to feel their baby.

Durgardevi tells Naani that Roshni didn’t call her after going to her in-laws house, and 2 hours have passed. Naani asks her not to worry and assures her that her son in-law Siddharth is one in Lakhs. She asks her to let them spend some time together and call in the morning. Durgardevi agrees. The next morning, Siddharth and Roshni have a romantic with each other. Siddharth says their baby might be thinking his dad is naughty and not letting go of any chance to get romantic. Roshni says she will bring tea and tries to go. Siddharth sings Abhi Na Jawo Chodke…….and romantically holds her.

He then fills her maang with sindoor, and says she is now Siddharth’s Roshni and the latter claims that good days have finally come in his life. Roshni goes out. Sid thanks the God. Later, Durgardevi calls Siddharth up. He asks what’s up mother’s in-law? Durgardevi inquires about her daughter Roshni? Why she isn’t picking her call? Siddharth jokes that Roshni is in love. Durgardevi asks him to stop cracking joke and give the phone to Roshni. Siddharth says okay, and asks Kritika about Roshni. She says she didn’t know. Durgardevi scolds Siddharth. He asks her to relax and he will ask Roshni to call her. He goes in the hall. Beeji asks Siddharth, where Roshni is? Siddharth gets shocked after realizing that Roshni is not at home. Raj and Simran say that they didn’t know. The servant informs them that Bua Daadi took Roshni to the temple. Raj says today there is queue in the temple, then why did she took her. Siddharth says it is enough of her interference.

Durgardevi gets worried and immediately visits Siddharth’s house and scolds Siddharth for not knowing about his wife’s whereabouts and starts questioning him about his responsibilities. She says Daadi Bua is so stubborn to get the rituals done and she don’t care about her daughter. Siddharth says he will see. Soon, Roshni returns home along with Bua Daadi and calls to her mother that she had gone to the temple. Durgardevi’s anger further increases as Roshni, being pregnant is not allowed to travel by car to the temple and asks if she is fine. Daadi Bua tells Durgardevi that she came to her daughter’s house only a after her marriage.

She says this is Roshni’s home now and talks about rituals. Durgardevi says she don’t care about the rituals. Raj accepts that they didn’t take good care of Roshni and asks Daadi Bua to go inside. Durgardevi apologizes and says Roshni and her baby is most important right now. She says she is worried about her and asks to take Roshni to her home. Siddharth is convinced with Durgardevi’s proposal and asks Roshni to go with her as she is not been able to get good care at his house because of the old rituals. Everyone looks on sadly. Durgardevi goes with Roshni.

Durgardevi brings Roshni home. Naani Maasi says Roshni didn’t have anything and no one bothered about her. Roshni says she did a mistake and forgot to have food. Roshni sits to have food and starts coughing. Naani Maasi says it is a morning sickness. Durgardevi sees her spitting blood while she coughs and gets shocked. Bua Daadi asks how can they let go of their daughter in-law within a day and calls them modern parents in-law. She says she won’t leave Durgardevi if anything happens to Roshni. Naani calls Siddharth and asks him to come. Siddharth tells his mother’s Simran that he has to go. He reaches Durgardevi’s house and asks Roshni, how is she? Durgardevi asks him to relax, as doctor is checking on her.

The doctor checks her and asks what she had in the night. Roshni says ice cream. The doctor then prescribes the medicines. Siddharth apologizes for making her eat ice cream. Durgardevi says he will not get chance to do mistake and says Roshni will stay with her in the house. Siddharth gets shocked. Durgardevi asks Siddharth to inform his family that Roshni will stay with her until her delivery.

Siddharth and his family are upset with Durgardevi’s decision. Daadi Bua instigates them against Durgardevi and says that’s why elders have made the customs. Beeji says she is right. Siddharth blames his Bua Daadi and asks why did she take Roshni to the temple? He says further that he will go to his wife and take care of his wife and children. Bua Daadi says their son is going to be ghar son in-law. Siddharth says he was ghar ( servant ) son in-law before also, and was not ashamed of it and he is happy to be her servant. He says he can’t bring Roshni here because of her and that’s why he is going to his mother in-law.

Beeji is enjoying herself watching the trailer of the Akshay Kumar’s upcoming film, Singh is Back. She shares her happiness with Siddharth and asks him to let Roshni hear to the song as it would make her and her child happy. On the other hand, Durgardevi worried for Roshni and tells her that she is blinded in her sasural’s ( parents in-laws ) love but they are behaving casually with her, not showing any concern for her. She tells Roshni that she would stay with her until the baby is delivered as she believes that Siddharth’s family is not taking proper care of her. Roshni asks what is she saying?

Durgardevi promises her. Roshni calls Siddharth and informs him that her mother took promise from her to stay in her house till her delivery. She says she is feeling helpless and don’t know what to do? Siddharth asks her not to worry and that he have a plan. He shares his plan with his family in order to keep everybody happy. Bua Daadi says it is a flop idea. Siddharth says he don’t want to miss a chance to be with Roshni during her pregnancy. Kritika says she understand and is with Siddharth. Raj says they have to take Durgardevi’s permission. Siddharth says she will not agree, and that he just wants to be with Roshni and his baby.

Durgardevi instructs her family members and gives them printed instructions and gives work to everyone. She asks Naani to monitor Roshni’s exercises and food. Naani Maasi says she will keep an eye on everything. Roshni comes and asks what is she doing? Siddharth comes there and asks what are they doing, standing in line. Durgardevi asks why did he come here, wasting their time. Siddharth says he came to talk to her and she have decided to keep Roshni with her until she delivers. He bluntly tells her that it is not her call to keep the baby away from him and his family. Durgardevi says she is not prohibiting them. Siddharth asks then asks the Khurana’s to come with their baggage. Roshni smiles. Durgardevi asks why did they come here with their bags. Siddharth says they have also taken a decision and they have come to take care of Roshni, and they have to stay here with Roshni. He asks her to imagine the baby, and says he will be very lucky to be taken care of by his paternal and maternal family.

Durgardevi apologizes and says it is not possible. Bua Daadi says they didn’t want to stay, but Siddharth insists. Naani Maasi says how convenient as they all came here, following Roshni. Durgardevi asks Raj to understand and says it is not right to shift here with his stuff. Raj reminds her that they stayed in the chawl for Siddharth’s happiness and he came here for her grandson/daughter and can do anything. Naani says he talks wisely. Siddharth says it is his wishes and he will become ghar Jamai (puppet son in-law) again for his baby. He says his family is ready to go to any extent for their grandson and granddaughter. Durgardevi says she understands, but asks them to go. Siddharth says they can’t and have taken a decision. Roshni stands with Siddharth’s decision and asks Durgardevi to accept it happily. She says everyone is following her decision, then why she is not letting them stay. Durgardevi says it seems to be very difficult. Roshni says if she refuses, then she will stay with Siddharth’s family.

Roshni later says she will stay somewhere else and not in Siddharth’s house also. Beeji says they will stay wherever Roshni stays. Siddharth says small accidents can happen if they stay separately, but Roshni’s decision is mine. He asks them to come. Durgardevi says no one will go, and will stay here. Siddharth assures her to trust them, and says it is a promise of their grand child’s father. Everyone smiles. Siddharth congratulates his mother in-law for becoming Naani and asks her to eat chocolate. Durgardevi refuses to eat from his hand and says he must have not washed his hand. Siddharth says he washed it two days before. Nanai asks Durgardevi to eat it. Durgardevi takes it hesitantly. Naani asks Kesar to take care of the Khurana’s. Beeji and Naani hug each other.

Roshni tells Siddharth that she hopes everything will be fine and says only he gets these type of idea. He tells her that they can monitor her pregnancy and shows the books. Roshni gets emotional. Siddharth asks if she want her baby to say that mummy is crying? Roshni nods no. He gives her gifts and asks to open it. She opens the gift and is emotional to see the photo frame with a message “happy baby”. He says they will capture the baby moments. Roshni gets more emotional and says she love him while hugging him.


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