Twist of Fate: Thursday Updates (Episodes 206-207)

Taiji and Mitali gossip about the guests ( Tanu’s parents ). Pragya asks them if they saw Abhi. They both show opposite direction and say he must be with Tanu as she is also not seen here. They both walk out, leaving Pragya confused.

Tanu’s father asks Abhi that Tanu told him his new album is release. Abhi is engrasped in thoughts. Tanu’s father asks what is he thinking. He says he is thinking about a song. Tanu’s dad praises him for his hard work. Aaliya comes there and greets Tanu’s parents. Tanu’s dad asks her to bring Pragya. Aaliya gets tensed but says she will call her and leaves with Tanu. Abhi says they should not call Fuggi here. They walk out ignoring him. He thinks of taking Purabh’s help, calls him and asks to come right now here.

Tanu talk about her plan and that her plan of calling her parents and forcing Abhi is working and if Pragya comes there, Abhi will get irked and divorce her. Aaliya says she made a good plan, but it will fail as Pragya has Daadi’s support and will escape. Tanu says she is right and she will make Abhi promise her parents that he will marry her soon.

Sarla gets emotional seeing her daughters happy. Daadi asks her to stop crying. Sarla says her elder daughter is happy in her marriage and the younger is getting married, so she is very happy and thinks it as a dream. Daadi says she will make her realize it is reality and asks Bulbul to call Purabh and perform pheras around lohri to make their relationship stronger. Sarla says she is right and asks Bulbul to call Purabh.

Pragya sees Tanu but not Abhi with her and thinks of asking her about Abhi. She asks Tanu where is her husband. Tanu says he went with her but she does not know where he went later. They both start an argument and Tanu challenges her that Abhi will soon divorce her and marry her. Purabh comes there and asks Pragya what is she doing here when Abhi is in the house. He asks her to go and propose Abhi right now. She thinks she will propose her right now.

Bulbul meets Purabh and says that Daadi wants them to do pheras around lohri. Purabh takes her to the corner and says if he does the pheras, he will consider that their marriage is over and then they should move forward with the next ritual. She asks what is that. He says suhaagraat. She gets shy and says if he does not agree, she will inform her mother. He asks her not to and asks to kiss his other cheek. She argues first and then asks to close his eyes. He does. She kisses his cheek and hugs him. Aalia watches the growing intimacy between Purabh and Bulbul and squirms with jealousy.

Later, Tanu’s dad asks Abhi where is the washroom. Abhi shows him the way and he is stuck alone with Tanu’s mother and waits for Purabh to get him out of the situation and thinks why did Purabh not come yet. Tanu’s mother asks what happened, if there is any problem. He thinks they are his problem and then say he is waiting for his wife and that he does not consider her as wife, but she does. His servant comes and asks if he should call bibiji. Abhi says he has phone him and that he will suspend him. The servant leaves. Abhi pretends to be waiting for his wife Pragya by making fake call and feigns great authority over her and says Fuggi to come here right now as his guests are waiting. He then boasts that he has to scold her, else she will misuse his lenience. Tanu’s mother says he is right.

Pragya comes inside home in order to say what she has been trying to express for a really long time and sees Abhi with Tanu’s parents. She thinks they must be the problem Purabh was talking about and asks Abhi what problem he has. However, he is taken by surprise and thinks it is his imagination hearing Pragya’s voice. He sees her and gets surprised seeing her.

Pragya act as a joker and asks Abhi why these 2 guests (Tanu’s parents) here instead of attending to lohri function. She says if he does not tell her, she will tell Daadi about them and bring her here. Abhi tells Pragya that the woman present in the hall and the man inside the washroom are his clients that have come to talk about business and want him to endorse their product. She says she will help him crack the deal, goes and sits with Tanu’s parents. Tanu’s mother asks if she is Abhi’s wife. She says yes and asks Abhi how does they know her. He says she is rockstar’s wife and everyone obviously know her. Tanu’s father says Abhi was right, she is very cooperative but Pragya is completely unaware of what they are actually discussing about and she says they can crack the deal today itself if they finalize the price. They think she is eager to get Abhi married to Tanu. They asks when will the function happen and if it will be indoor or outdoor. She finalizes June and indoor function. Abhi says she is right. Tanu’s mother asks how many guests they can accommodate. Pragya asks Abhi what guests. He says they call client as guest. Tanu’s dad asks if the deal is finalized. Pragya says if they finalize the amount, they can. Tanu’s parents shockingly asks what money. Abhi asks why she wants money from them. Pragya thinks it must be a charity event then.

Meanwhile, Bulbul and Purabh start pheras and walk around the auspicious pyre ( Lohri ). Aaliya gets annoyed seeing them and tells her puppet Tanu that she cannot see them together performing the pheras. Tanu says she has a plan to punish Bulbul and tells her about it. Purabh and Bulbul happily finish pheras. Sarla gives Bulbul coconut and asks her to break it in front of lohri as a goodluck. While Bulbul goes near the lohri, someone puts a leg across and Bulbul almost falls on the fire. Just in time, Purabh helps Bulbul from meeting with an accident and gets his hands burnt instead. On the other hand, Aaliya and Tanu gets irked seeing that their plans failed, and Sarla thanks Purabh for rescuing Bulbul. Purabh says Bulbul is his responsibility and he cannot let her in trouble. Bulbul hugs him emotionally.

Tanu’s parents thanks Pragya for agreeing for the deal. Pragya says she will go and feed Daadi her medicine and tells Abhi that she wants to talk to him after that. Once she leaves, Tanu’s dad praises Pragya that she herself is getting her husband remarried and is unique. Abhi says she is unique.

Aaliya is frustrated for despite all her plans, she has not been able to harm Bulbul and distantiate her from Purabh. She angrily tells Tanu that their plan failed and Purabh got his hands burnt. Tanu asks her to calm down and says they will hatch some big plan now.

Tanu gets tensed thinking it is very late since Abhi and her parent’s meeting started and she should go and check. She sees Pragya coming from the house and asks why did she go in. Pragya later confronts Tanu that it is her house and she is an outsider and to behave like the outsider she is. Tanu asks why did she go in. Pragya says she went to meet her husband and has come closer to him after she cracked his deal and says she should forget about marrying Abhi now and not intervene in the affairs of a married couple. Tanu thinks what did she tell her parents.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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