Young Dreams: Thursday Updates (Episodes 171-173)


Gunjan gets Rachna beautifully dressed at the parlour. Rachna is screaming while getting her eyebrows done. She undergoes a complete make over including waxing and facial with the steam. Gunjan gets a call from Vihaan, he tells her today is the last day for practicing and he wants everything to be perfect. Gunjan comes and asks the assistant where is her sister. A picture of Rachna is held and the new Rachna is hiding behind it. She looks like the old heroines with the dove eyes and puffed hair. Gunjan is extremely happy to see her and hugs.

Vihaan fakes an accident to know Rachana’s reaction, by getting himself hurt. Vihaan with hurted hand with blood coming from his hand and also asks his friend to keep quite and that he shouldn’t tell everyone that it is not an accident.

Gunjan asks about Rachna from Shail in fearing tone and when Shail goes to search for her, Gunjan stops her and Rachna got present. Shail got surprised as Rachana’s new look and attire charms her and says if she is Rachna only. Gunjan gives Shail a bottle of face pack which she ordered to get from parlour.
Chaya comes asking for Gunjan. Rachna says that she always ignores her and always asks for Gunjan. Chaya says that she has an important work and adds that Rachna is looking nice. Chaya again asks for Gunjan, goes to Gunjan and says something to her. They both go in hurry. Shail permits Gunjan to go where she wants. Rachna doubts about the matter as if something has happened, follows both of them, then think what Vihaan want.

They both get back to Vihaan as to see what has happened. Gunjan asks about what has happened to his hand. Meanwhile, Rachana comes and breaks down after watching Vihaan in pain. Rachna scolds him a lot and asks him to care of himself. She asks if he wants Rachna or his bike. She tie him a bandage. Vihaan hugs Rachna and adds that she’ll care for both himself and Rachna. He cheers on getting his ploy successful. When Gunjan asks to get back home, Chaya suddenly says about the dance programme. Gunjan changes the sentence. Rachna doubts them but not much, both sisters get back home.

Shail got back pain, Gunjan asks that she’ll do all the work and Rachna asks that she’ll put ointment on his back. When Shail sees Rachna doing it, she emotional talks about their VIDAAI and their marriage. Gunjan says she’ll not go anywhere leaving her. Rachna cries continuously and says she will be her dear daughter always, talking about VIDAAI from her house. Shail also promises that whenever Rachna needed her she’ll always be present to help her.
Gunjan opposses the scene by changing the topic. Gunjan calls Dholu to tell everyone to get together in hall within 20 minutes. Charu goes and forcefully hugs Mayank. Mayank says he has to sleep and he gets back. Dholu comes to their room and tell Mayank that Gunjan has called him. But when Charu tooks it wrong, Dholu clears that Gunjan has called everyone not only Mayank.

All gathered together and Gunjan arranges an antakshari game for the family. The Gargs cheerfully attend the antakshari and some sanacks were also organized.

The newly married couple present in their bedroom in a deep sleep got disturbed and when Mayank sees the empty jug of water, goes to kitchen to take it. Gunjan already presented their for some work, stops Mayank to say something when Mayank tries to go after seeing her. Mayank got up angry saying that like everyone she wants to say that he should compromise with the marriage with Charu, and simultaneously he denies. Gunjan replied in negative and that all she want to say is that along with a husband of Charu, he is also a brother and friend of Rachna. Rachana’s new look and attire charms Shail. Gunjan further urges Mayank to attend the antakshari for Rachana’s sake.

Mayank in his room thinking of what Gunjan said to come out of his room for Rachna’s sake and join the family. Charu asks Mayank what is he thinking about and tells him they should go to sleep. Mayank pushes her aside and puts his jacket on and Charu asks him where he’s going and he says to the porch and Charu says in this cold. He walks out. Charu says she’ll come as well and curses that Gunjan is a problem. Sangeeta and Seema behave rudely with Gunjan at the Antakshari when Gunjan serves Seema tea and she ignores her. Prabhu tells Gunjan she doesn’t drink tea.

Gunjan then serves Sangeeta and she says to leave it there. Shail tells Gunjan to leave it and that whomever wants it will take it and tells her to sit but Gunjan says its okay but Shail insists that Gunjan sit next to her. Mayank attends the Antakshari with Charu and gives a faint smile. Gunjan smiles and Rachna is happy seeing Mayank there. Bua says to start singing songs from movies. Gunjan says Shail will start first. The Gargs perform at the event with great joy as Shail starts singing Ye betiya toh babul ki raaniya hai.
Shail and rachana start tearing up. Mayank then sings Mehndi laga
ke rakhna from DDLJ and Gopal joins in dancing. Sangeetha starts singing and she pulls Rachna and she too sings.

Rachna looks at Dayal and goes to him and cries. He sings a song too and everyone starts crying. Gunjan goes to Dholu, wipes his tears and pulls him and starts dancing and singing. Dholu then pulls Mayank and he starts singing and dancing around Gunjan and holds her hand. However, Mayank’s cosiness with Gunjan disturbs the Gargs and all looking uncomfortable and surprised. Gunjan tries to go away but he blocks Gunjan. Mayank is then beating the dhol angrily and looking at Gunjan. Charu looks angry and walks towards them and takes the dhol away from Mayank winks at him, interrupts with a song indicating jealousy vibes towards Gunjan, dancing around Mayank and gives Gunjan angry looks. Seema then stops her saying enough of dancing and singing for the day. She says it’s getting cold and preparations need to be made for tomorrow morning. She tells Sangeeta to take Charu and go. Dayal tells Dholu, Gunjan and Rachna to go to sleep as it’s late.

The next morning, Mayank comes into Gunjan and Rachna’s room with a present for Rachna and wishes her good morning as he sees someone under the covers. He continues saying what will her in-laws say if she sleeps like this. He then says she isn’t going to wake up like this and pulls the covers only to see it’s Gunjan and he looks at her and is about to touch her when Rachna comes and asks him what is he doing so early in the morning. He says he brought her a gift and Rachna asks what is it and he says it’s a small surprise. Rachna opens it and says it’s beautiful and thanks him. He says it’s beautiful but not as beautiful as her and that it’s good she likes it and then he says he’ll leave. Mayank turns and looks at Gunjan sleeping looks, sad and leaves.

The Gargs get busy with the engagement preparation. Shail tells Dayal there’s a lot of work to be done and she goes and gets something and knocks the chair and Dayal says to be careful that all the work will be done on time. Shail says how will it get done if she doesn’t do it. Dayal says that they both have been waiting for this day eagerly and he says instead of feeling happy on this day she’s too busy with work. She says she cares only about her daughter’s future and happiness. Shail says she doesn’t want Rachna being told off for the arrangements not being proper. Shail tells Dayal they have to go and pulls his hand. Dayal says he likes it that Shail is holding his hand after a long time. Shail lets go of his hand and says it’s not the time to joke.

He then tells her she was suppose to take him right and she holds his hand and pulls him out of the room. Mayank comes and tells Dayal that Prabhu and Gopal have gone to meet the decoration people. Shail tells Dayal that she told him he was late. He says he’ll go now and Mayank says he’ll drop him with his bike. Seema asks Mayank where Charu is and he sarcastically says her sweet and well manered daughter-in-law is still sleeping. Seema tells Sangeeta she’s still sleeping and Sangeeta says she’s causing problems

Rachna is crying and Shail asks her why is she crying, Rachna says something bad happened to her and asks did all of this have to happen today. Shail asks but what happened. Rachna says she has such huge pimples. Shail says is she crying because of that and Rachna says of course as she’s never gotten such huge pimples before and that today out of all days on her engagement day and that she doesn’t know what to do. Shail says nothing as she look nice but Rachna asks does she think it’s a joke and they are huge. Shail says the pimples look good on her face and that she is going to put a tikka to ward off the evil eye from her. Rachna says how can she get engage with her face looking like this and she can’t. Shail says let her think and suggests to make a face pack for her that will make it better.

Vihaan calls Gunjan’s on phone and Vihaan invites Gunjan at his residence for the final rehearsal and asks her if does not want to come for the final rehearsal. Gunjan says she was about to leave when Rachna had an anxiety attack. Vihaan says Rachna has to be brave and Gunjan says yes afterall she’s getting engaged to a brave person. Vihaan says he’s waiting and she says she’s coming. He throws a dart and says bang on. Gunjan apologizes and asks Vihaan where Chaya is and he says gone to the tailor and Gunjan asks where’s everyone else. Vihaan says they are all busy and Gunjan says what to do now and he says to practice. Vihaan and Gunjan dance ballroom style and he gets cosy with Gunjan leaving her disturbed as she is a bit uncomfortable. Gunjan is unaware of the fact that their pictures are being clicked and a video is being recorded.

Gunjan escapes from Vihaan’s grasp and says she will go home as she has lot of work at home. Vihaan says even his work is over. Gunjan says she is excited to see Rachna’s reaction while Vihaan says she will be shocked but Gunjan gets disturbed on learning Vihaan’s gestures and corrects him to say surprised not shocked. Shail is making preparations for makar sankranti and Bua is happy that Rachna’s engagement is on an auspicious date. She prays to Surya dev. Sangeeta comes to wake Charu as it’s already 9, Charu is unhappy that in Mayank house she couldn’t sleep till 11 or 12. Sangeeta puts her finger in hot tea and finally Charu gets up. Sangeeta advises her to impress anyone as till now only Seema has accepted her while the others have not. Seema comes in and Charu twists sangeeta’s words and makes her the villain in front of Seema.

Shail checking all the arrangements and the sweets are not proper, she sends it back. Seema taunts her saying she behaved like a guest in Mayank’s wedding. Shail gives it back to her that Seema should not make her open her mouth. Gunjan comes back, Shail asks her where she was but Gunjan lies saying she was at Chaya’s place. Gunjan is lifting some gifts and they are about to fall when Mayank comes and helps her. She declines but Mayank takes the gifts from her and leaves. Charu stops him and asks to carry two bags and Mayank asks her to carry it herself. Vihaan gets ready, Savitri Devi comes and shows him a huge ring for her best daughter in-law, Vihaan admires it and says it will look good on her and smirks.

Shail gets the engagement ring, Gunjan admires it and then gives it to Rachna. They talk about being committed and Rachna says she will fulfill the promise. Gunjan then snatches it from her and teases her that she will put it on Vihaan but Rachna does not gear properly and agrees. Rachna understands the teasing and is unhappy. Charu comes in and takes the hairdresser with her. Shail gives Rachna a green suit and it gets stuck, Rachna is upset and Gunjan runs to get a tailor for her.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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