Family Appreciation Saturday

Weird title I know. But, let me ask you this question, “have you really appreciated your family recently?”. Have you taken the time out to thank or be grateful for your family? I’ve discovered of late that our families and social circles are very important to us. Some of us are so busy that we forget how important our family is to us and how they’ve helped us throughout the years.

Like an article on notes, “Whether we like it or not, our families are there through it all — for the good, the bad, the awkward, the pubescent and everything in between. When you’re a blissful little kid or a sullen teenager, you never quite appreciate the things your family does for you until you’re older and on your own — or even once you finally have your own family with whom to repeat the cycle”.

There are so many things we don’t realize we  took for granted until we grew up. I decided to call today Family Appreciation Saturday. I believe we need to take out time today to call our families, spend time with them, and even play with them. Family is very important to us whether we realize it or not, and we need to appreciate their presence in our lives.

For some of us who grew up alone or had a limited social circle while growing up, you may think that you don’t have anyone to appreciate but there are people in your life that have become so close to you. So close that you can’t imagine life without them. Those people have become your family and you need to appreciate them today.

Love is real and you’ve gotten that with people who may not be related to you by blood but have been there for you always. So take out time to tell them you love them and thank them for being there for you. Guess what? They appreciate you more for it.

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