Twist of Fate: Monday Updates (Episodes 210-211)


Pragya requests Abhi to sing a song as his turn has arrived in the Antakshari game. As requested, Abhi starts to sing Awara hoon song but he sings the wrong song in a husky voice during Antakshari game. Bulbul says he sang a wrong song. Abhi’s Daadi tells him that he is punished for singing a wrong song and serves Abhi a juice claiming it to be cough syrup/alcohol which he has to drink in order to serve his punishment. Abhi says he will not. Purabh says he should drink.

Abhi hints Purabh to save him from the situation saying that he is his friend first and then the son in-law of the house. Purabh evades Abhi’s trap saying that since he is in this home at this moment so he would have to behave as the son-in-law of the house and support his Daadi’s decision and he should accept the punishment. Abhi however drinks the cough syrup juice and his expression shows that he did not like the juice at all and feels inebriated. The turn shifts to Pragya and everybody is waiting for her to sing. Pragya then sings a melodious Lagjaa phir ye hasin raat hona ho……song impressing everyone. Bulbul takes Purabh to a room.

After Pragya turn, she tells Abhi that he wanted to go for a meeting as his clients are waiting for him. Abhi asks the members of the house not to sleep until he returns as he will continue the game from where he left off. Meanwhile, Bulbul says they should make Pragya drink the cough syrup to make her forget her inhibitions and propose Abhi boldly. Purabh says it is a good idea. They both come back and see Abhi missing. Pragya says he had an important meeting and left.

Later, Purab and Bulbul sing songs next. Pragya asks what she will have to do if she loses. Bulbul says she will have to drink the cough syrup and forces her to drink it. They continue antakshari game.

Abhi joins Tanu and her parents in a restaurant for dinner. Tanu’s parents ask if he is inebriated. He says no and says a person who made accident was holding alcohol and it spilled on his cloth. Tanu’s Dad asks if he got injured. He shows him his hands and says he got internal injuries. Tanu’s Dad says he should get a doctor checkup then. Abhi says he is telling right. Tanu takes him to the corner and asks why is he telling lie and asks him to tell her if he is inebriated. He says he is. She asks why did he come late then. He says he got stuck. She says he must be with chasmish and that he is fooling her and her parents and the fact is he does not want to leave chasmish and is betraying her and her parents. He says he loves her and wants to marry her as he thinks she is different but she is arrogant and he made a mistake that he came to meet her. He says he was with Pragya and she sent him to meet her and that she is very understanding. He asks her to mend her ways, else he will chose someone else, maybe even Fuggy who understands him well. He asks her not to force him to take a harsh decision, thanks her for spoiling his mood and walks out asking to enjoy her dinner.

Pragya gets inebriated after drinking the cough syrup/alcohol and acts as a puppet. Bulbul asks her what will she say to Abhi. She says she will tell him that she loves him. Bulbul asks Purabh to call Abhi and asks him to come back. Pragya in a puppety voice says okay.

Abhi sadly comes back to Sarla’s home. Daadi asks why is he sad and offers him cough syrup. He says he will finish the whole bottle. She says he will get hangover else. He says he does not care and continues drinking. He thinks of going back home but thinks he cannot go back without Fuggi, so he calls her. Purabh and Bulbul come there and Purabh asks him to sleep at Sarla’s house. Bulbul says his Fuggy’s room is other side. He shouts Fuggi and gets into her room. She is busy practicing proposing to him. He walks toward her with a wobbling gait and says he has kept her name with so much love, but she does not understand it at all. She sees him and says she wanted to tell him since many days and says she is…. but stops realizing he is real and not her imagination.

After Purabh and Bulbul get Abhi and Pragya inebriated, Pragya manages to express her love for inebriated Abhi that she cannot live without him, wants to spend her whole life with him and she loves him a lot. She then gets excited thinking she proposed him and spoke out her heart. Bulbul and Purabh peep in from window and listen to their conversation. Sarla catches them and says she knows their plan and they purposely forced Pragya to drink the cough syrup and asks them to leave. Once they leave, she starts listening to their talk. Bulbul takes her from there.

Abhi tells Pragya even he loves Fuggy and asks Fuggy to hug him. She is near the window. He comes near her. She bends down and falls asleep sitting and he falls down from window and sleeps in that position. Bulbul and Purabh see that and get sad. Purabh says they should not have make them drink too much alcohol. Bulbul says she wants Abhi and Pragya to unite first and then marry him. He says he is happy that she cares about her sister so much, he is sure she loves him more than that.

Purvi comes and asks Bulbul to wake up as sun has risen from Purabh/east and her Purabh is waiting for breakfast. Bulbul wakes up and asks her to stop taunting her, that she wants to get engaged soon. Purvi says for that she has to get up from bed. Bulbul hurries to the bathroom. Sarla comes there and Bulbul says she wants to meet Pragya before her engagement. Sarla says her engagement is in Pragya’s house and she can meet her then. Bulbul says she wants Pragya to tell Abhi something before that and cannot wait till her engagement and rushes to bathroom. Sarla gets confused and asks Purvi to call Pragya and asks what is the issue.

Purvi calls Pragya and says Bulbul made Sarla confused and Sarla wants to know what she wants to tell Abhi. Pragya gets nervous and says Bulbul is joking and she will confront her here once she comes. She gets nervous how to propose Abhi and starts shaking her hands. Abhi comes there and asks what is she doing but none of them seem to remember what happen the previous night. She says she is searching coin to apply sindhoor on her forehead. He shows her the coins under pillow. She asks him to apply and he does. She thinks she should ask him if he will apply sindhoor daily and if she can wear mangalsutra of his name for life. He asks if she wants him also to apply sindhoor. She says she wants to tell something. He asks her to say it. She says she… He gets a call and leaves, leaving her nervous.

Tanu reminisces Abhi praising Pragya and scolding her and thinks she should not have irked Abhi, what if he really chooses Pragya over her, thinks of calling him and apologize. She calls him and starts crying. He asks if she is crying. She asks him to forgive her and that he always cared for her but she mistreated him. He asks her to stop crying. She says her parents got upset after yesterday and asks him to proimise not to give her place to anyone. he says he will not. She asks him to tell he forgave and loves her. He says same. She says she will speak to her parents and will fix another meeting. He says okay. She cuts the call and smirks that Abhi is under her trap again and thinks she has to do something now that he should think only about her, and for that, she should take her parent’s help.

Abhi gets call again, thinks it is Tanu and calls her sweetheart, but it is Tanu’s mother on the other side, she tells Abhi that since they are leaving the next day for Delhi, she thought it fit that they speak to Abhi’s family members and formally fix the arrangements to be done for the big day for his and Tanu’s marriage after divorcing Pragya. Abhbi agrees, but gets tensed thinking Daadi will understand everything now. He thinks he should take Fuggi’s help. Daasi comes and says the decorators have come. He thinks Tanu’s parents must have come with the marriage proposal and decorators. Daasi asks if he has forgotten that it is Bulbul’s engagement today.

On the day of her engagement, Bulbul seems to be more worried that her sister’s Pragya hasn’t yet expressed her love to Abhi. Bulbul insists her to propose him before her engagement and she emotionally blackmails Pragya to propose Abhi, else she will not get engaged. Pragya says she will by evening. Just then, Abhi calls Pragya from his car to come outside the house in order to discuss his intentions of marrying Tanu. He says he wants to speak to her about something important and later asks her to meet him at a hotel. She says even she wants to talk to him and will come there. She informs Bulbul about it. Bulbul tells Pragya that she should visit the hotel and express her feelings for Abhi. Pragya hesitates a bit but somehow her sister Bulbul convinces her and sends her to the hotel to propose to him there.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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