Young Dreams: Tuesday Updates (Episodes 179-180)

Gunjan safely returns back home with Mayank. Shail and Rachna run towards Gunjan with pleasure and ask her if she is okay. Gunjan replies, yes and says that she has reached at right time to take part on Rachna’s special day and Gunjan wishes her to be happy her whole life. Shail asks Gunjan where she had gone, and that all the family members were worried for her. Gunjan requests Shail to talk later after ring the ceremony.

When Gunjan is going near the stage, Vihaan stops her holding her and insist her to talk. Gunjan requests him to talk after ceremony but Vihaan says that it is important. Both of them go inside.

Then Rachna is on stage; while all are waiting for Vihaan. Vihaan comes and interrupts his engagement ceremony and announces for another surprise for everyone. Gunjan comes back from inside with upset face and stands up near the stage but Vihaan insisted her to be on stage. Shail also insist her to come on stage as she is also best friend of Rachna.

Savitri gives the ring to Vihaan, he admires the ring and says that it is best diamond ring in city for best bride. Vihaan is about to put the ring on Rachna but suddenly he smirks, goes to Gunjan and puts the ring on Gunjan in front of all. Everyone is shocked.

Dayal explains to Vihaan that it is not a joke, that the ring for engagement is sign of holiness. But Savitri tells Dayal to relax and clarifies that Vihaan is joking as she drags Vihaan with anger and orders not to create drama. Vihaan says that it is not a joke and expressing his urge to marry Gunjan. He reveals that he liked in the very beginning when Gunjan and Rachna’s joyous act of exchanging their personalities on meeting him for the first time in the cafe. He however, uses their prank by holding Gunjan in guilt. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Seema is confused after hearing this and both Sangeeta and Seema start to humiliate Gunjan but Shail stops them and says that Gunjan can never do wrong. Vihaan further expresses his desire to marry Gunjan and says to Shail that she misunderstood and Gunjan also loves him as he loves Gunjan. Again Shail does not agree with him. Then Vihaan says that if she wants, he can also give them proof and even then if she does not believe than she can ask Gunjan. Vihaan also suggests Gunjan to express her liking for him futher, leaving their family members stunned.

Seema interferes and blames her that she has started flirting with her brother in-law after leaving Mayank. Again Shail stops her and denies that Gunjan can never do mean work like this. Vihaan says that it is not bad thing to fall in love and then says that she must have equal feeling for Rachna and Gunjan.

Shail holds Vihaan’s hand and drags him. He tries to say that his alliance is fixed with Rachna, so the engagement will also be with Rachna and orders him not to create scene. Vihaan requests him to clarify the whole matter.

He starts saying that his alliance was fixed with Rachna but he neither seen her nor her photo and his mother had a reason behind that. He said that after going to camp, Gunjan wrote him letters as name of Rachna and met him as Rachna. So he recognized her as Rachna and started liking her and that also Gunjan started liking him and they fall in love.

Rajeev immediately asks him with anger that whether he knows what he is saying. Vihaan says that he knows that what he is saying and he has no hesitation about that and says there is nothing wrong to love his own fiance. Seema says that no any sister can do like this and that Rachna is not her own sister, she is her cousin after all. Vihaan says that he can explain about meeting in cafe. Prabhu says to Dayal that it would not be worth to talk in public. But Seema insists Vihaan to say the truth so that all can recognize the intention of Gunjan. Charu tells Mayank to hear properly.

Vihaan says that he wanted to meet and know that girl whose alliance is fixed with him by his mother and he called Rachna at the Garg’s house to meet her but he was made a fool, as Gunjan met him in cafe as her prank. Vihaan also confirms this with Rachna in front of all. Again everyone is shocked.

Vihaan says that this was full proof plan that he could not doubt for a single time. He also mentioned about Rachna and Gunjan’s activities when Vihaan went to the Garg’s house on dhanteras and reminds and confirms with his mother about how Gunjan answered all the questions instead of Rachna. He also said that both of them started to enjoy that prank and mentioned about messages sent by Gunjan. Rachna also recalls about the message which she read on Gunjan’s cell phone.

He says that it was to be stopped and when he came to know about their truth it was too late as he had started liking Gunjan, he further said that he does not mean that Rachna is bad. He tried a lot to get close with Rachna but he could not get that feelings as with Gunjan.

Shail confesses that both of her daughters had done mistake but it was only for fun and asked him why he magnified this. It is not possible to engage with Gunjan when his alliance is fixed with Rachna. Rajeev agrees with Shail that Vihaan should not take this fun seriously and that Gunjan had also said sorry to him. Rajeev says that he is not a child now whom it is necessary to explain all matters and that if Vihaan and Gunjan had love before then they should inform them before the engagement rather to create scene at the last moment in front of all the people.

Savitri stops Rajeev and says that Vihaan is her obedient son and orders all not to say anything to Vihaan and that it was a mistake of those two girls and asks all to explain to them only. She supports Vihaan and says that he is quite gullible and those girls have made fool of him and also all family members. He recognizes Gunjan as Rachna because of their prank only. She taunts Rajeev that Vihaan is her obedient son not like other who does not care about their parents. Rajeev becomes silent.

Shail confesses that her daughters have done mistake and tells Savitri to punish them what she wants. Shail says that those girls deserve punishment and turns the matter saying that she is quite sure that Gunjan has no such feelings about Vihaan. She tells Vihaan that Gunjan can never be part of this dirtiness because she can do anything for her sister’s happiness. Vihaan says that he hoped that Gunjan had also think like Shail and this decision is of both of them and not him alone. Vihaan requests Gunjan to speak.

Vihaan asks Gunjan to speak up. Dayal is upset and questions her telling her to break her silence. Rachna is crying while Shail, Vihaan’s brother and Sangeeta’s husband supports Gunjan after Gunjan is blamed for having a secret relationship with Vihaan. Shail tells everyone to stop as she has full faith on her daughter as she won’t take any wrong decision. She asks everyone why only Gunjan has to prove herself everytime and answer. Rachna is lost in her thoughts of Gunjan and Vihaan. Rachna tells Shail that she can believe Gunjan but she is sure Vihaan can’t lie, Sangeeta and Seema support her. Sangeeta indicates Pihu with her eyes who gives some money to a waiter.

They however provoke Gunjan to break her silence and reveal the truth to the family. Rajeev also wants Gunjan to speak, Vihaan tells how can any girl admit that a girl loves her sisters fiancee and says he has her messages. Suddenly a courier delivery boy comes and gives Shail a package. Gopal supports Gunjan saying anyone can call or SMS from Gunjan’s phone but Sangeeta says the photo’s prove everything and she hands the pictures to Shail, Dayal, Savitri and Mayank see it. Bua wants to know the truth, Rachna remembers Vihaan complementing Gunjan. Rachna says that she was always being compared to Gunjan. Shail is shocked how Rachna is not trusting Gunjan but Rachna is upset that Shail is supporting Gunjan. Gunjan maintains her silence at first but later, she asks if they all want to know the truth, she takes the ring from Shail’s hand, holds Rachna’s hand and announces what she is about to do now will hurt many people and asks everyone to forgive her, she wears a ring to Vihaan’s finger. Everyone is shocked and Mayank looks heartbroken. Shail gets furious on Gunjan’s behaviour and happy memories of Rachna and Gunjan are shown. Shail holds Gunjan, turns her and gives her a tight slap. Sangeeta is happy while, she reveal her Gunjan and Vihaan’s pictures to the family. Gunjan admits everything and says she loves Vihaan. She says he does not love Rachna and wants to be with her while she asks everyone for forgiveness. Everyone is upset, Rachna remembers Gunjan saying she will put the ring on Vihaan’s finger.

Shail is fuming when Gunjan tells her to believe that she did it for everyone’s benefit. Shail asks if that is what she taught Gunjan. Mayank thinks that it’s not Gunjan but someone else who is speaking. Pihu adds fuel to the fire. Gunjan calls Shail maasi ( aunt ) and Shail says not to call her that as her maasi ( aunt ) died and bursts into tears. Vihaan tells Shail that he does not love Rachna. He says that he and Gunjan are in love and she should be happy atleast one daughter of the house will become the daughter in-law of the Agarwals. Shail blames him equally and so does Prabhu. Savitri Devi is angry that the thief is blaming the police and says that Shail always claims that both are her daughters and asks where did her love disappear. She says now Vihaan’s choice is hers, she blames Rachna. She says Rachna looks innocent and acts like sati Savitri and she never expected the prank from her and calls her a chameleon. Vihaan asks a photographer to click his pictures with Gunjan.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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