Simple Corrective Makeup Tips


Before applying makeup products, decide on the effect you wish to achieve. Study your face from the front and side profiles, and determine what facial corrective work is necessary.

Here are several makeup tips that can help you decide the effect you want for your face.


CONTOUR COSMETICS:  Changing the shape of face and the facial features can be achieved with the careful application of contour cosmetics. These products draw attention either towards or away from facial features, and can create the optical illusion of perfection.

Contour cosmetics include highlighters, shaders, and blushers. They are available in powder and cream forms.

HIGHLIGHTERS draw attention towards – they emphasize.

SHADERS draw attention away – they minimize.

BLUSHERS add warmth to the face, and emphasize the facial contours.

Each face differs in shape and size, so each requires a different application technique.


Some blushers appear very vibrant in the container, yet when they are applied to the skin they appear very subtle.


  • Stroke the contour over the powder blusher. Tap the brush gently to dislodge excess blusher.
  • Apply the blusher to the cheek area, carefully placing the product according to the effect you wish to create. The direction of brush strokes should be upwards and outwards, towards the hairline. Keep the blusher away from the nose, and avoid blusher too near the outer eye.
  • Apply more blusher if necessary. The key to successful blusher application is to build up color slowly until you have achieved the optimum effect.


  • Apply the cream blusher after foundation application, then place a loose translucent powder over the cream blusher.
  • If liquid or cream cosmetics are used, these must be applied on top of a liquid or cream foundation, before powder application (If powder contour products are used, these should be applied after the application of loose face powder. The rule of contour cosmetic application is: powder on powder; cream on cream.)


  • Apply suitable moisturizer base, i.e. anti-shine product, skin firming product, eye gel.
  • Apply foundation to the whole face.
  • If using cream concealers, apply directly on top of the foundation. A dark color will make a feature less prominent; a light color will make a feature more prominent; a light cover over a dark area, i.e. under eyes. Will help to conceal it.
  • Fix foundation with translucent loose powder using a clean powder puff. Remove excess powder with a powder brush.
  • If using powder highlighters or shaders, apply on top of powdered foundation.
  • Record on your record card, makeup product selected and application technique used so as not to forget it when next needed.

NOTE: Make-up to disguise or enhance facial features must be subtle and applied in the lighting the client or you will be able to be recognized properly. Day time make-up is the most subtle finish of all. Stronger make-up can be applied for evening or photographic looks.

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Writer: Fydola


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