King of Hearts: Friday Updates (Episodes 280- 281)


Raj brings the money and asks her to give it to the kidnappers. Durgardevi says she really appreciates his effort, but Roshni is her daughter and she can’t take the money from someone else, as she is her daughter. Yash says they should involve the police. Durgardevi says they don’t have any option left. Everyone here give their opinion. She asks where Siddharth is, he promised her to bring Roshni back, Ishe will go and bring her daughter. Naani asks Durgardevi what is she saying. Durgardevi says she will go alone and bring Roshni back from the kidnapper’s clutch. Yash looks on.

The kidnapper tells other kidnapper to shoot Roshni and Aisha, the moment they get the money. He says they should not be trapped and they are from big family. Roshni hears the Azaan’s voice. The kidnappers take Aisha and Roshni with them. Roshni asks to leave them. Siddharth is still at the dargah and ties the holy thread. Hakim Saheb says they should go. Siddharth prays for Roshni’s safety and says he didn’t know how to pray. He prays for Roshni and the child’s safety. He asks the God to make him meet Roshni today. Siddharth notices the kidnapper lady Nafisa and recalls seeing her in the function and follows Nafisa. Moin Bhai stops Siddharth. Hakim Saheb asks who is he and why is he following Nafisa. Siddharth says he is following her as his wife and Aisha is with her. He shows him Aisha’s photo and introduces himself as Siddharth Khurana. Hakim Saheb identifies Aisha and says she was very ill. Siddharth asks him to take him there. Nafisa comes back and take Roshni and Aisha with the goons in the car. Siddharth sees them taking Roshni in a car and runs after the car. Roshni calls for Siddharth. He calls aloud for Roshni. He gets Yash’s call informing him about Durgardevi going to Naigaon with the money. Durgardevi reaches the kidnappers’ said spot to give them the money. The other goon is targeting Roshni with the pistol. The goon asks Durgardevi to keep the money bag and leave from there. Durgardevi says she want to meet Roshni first before giving them the money. She sees the kidnappers bringing Roshni and Aisha. The kidnappers asks her to give the money. Nafisa asks Roshni to leave Aisha with them. Roshni holds Aisha and refuses to let go of Aisha with them. Durgardevi gets tensed.

Roshni and Durgardevi are overcome by the thugs and a sniper is all set to kill both of them. Siddharth reaches there on time and beats the goons to rescue Roshni and Aisha. Durgardevi beats them too with her heavy hand. The Police arrives there and arrests the goons. Siddharth looks at Roshni and hugs her. Durgardevi looks on and thinks about Siddharth’s promise that he will not even let a scratch to get on Roshni’s body. He asks if Roshni is fine? Roshni nods in a yes. Siddharth hugs Aisha then. They leave. Sam tells Yash that Durgardevi didn’t come back till now. Yash says call is not getting through and he couldn’t talk. Siddharth comes home with Roshni, Aisha and Durgardevi. Everyone is happy and emotional as Roshni, Durgardevi and Aisha return home safe. Durgardevi asks her to come in. Raj hugs Roshni asking if she is fine? Beeji cries and hugs her. Simran cries happily. Naani hugs Roshni and cries happily. Roshni hugs Mona, and then is about to hug Simran but Durgardevi stops her saying Roshni is tired and asking them to let her take rest. Simran says it’s okay. Naani asks Sam to bring fruits for Roshni. Simran asks Roshni to sit comfortably. Durgardevi asks them to let air come near her. Beeji signal Simran not to feel bad. Roshni have juice. Durgardevi asks her to have it. She asks Yash to call the doctor as she wants to get Roshni’s check up done.

Aisha is trying to get fruits in the kitchen. Siddharth comes there and lifts her asking if she would like to have chocolate. Aisha says yes. Siddharth asks her to give him a hug and makes her have chocolate. Aisha tells she is hungry and says Durgardevi aunty didn’t like her. Siddharth laughs and says she don’t even like him. She asks why no one loves her. Siddharth says her uncle loves her so much and brings chocolate milk shake for her. Aisha refuses. Siddharth says he will get sad if she don’t drink it. Aisha asks him not to get sad and asks him to take one sip. They drink the milk shake and take a selfie.

Meanwhile, Roshni says Aisha must be hungry and nobody asked about her. Aisha came and says Siddharth uncle made her eat. Durgardevi thinks Siddharth would have taken care of Roshni. Roshni says thank god, her fever had got down. Beeji says the doctor said that Roshni and her child are fine and hopes everything is fine. Siddharth says no, and says he want answers from the kidnappers for his innumerable questions. He says it is their turn now.

Siddharth inquiries with the the Inspector about the kidnappers and what do they want? It’s revealed that the kidnappers are working for someone else when the inspector says they are big racket and the unknown person’s target was Aisha and not Roshni but Roshni was trapped without any motive. He says she was kidnapped from Malegaon and they were getting instruction from some bhai in Dubai. Siddharth says he wants to know their motive. Siddharth comes back home and informs Roshni. Roshni takes the name Malegaon. He tells Aisha that they will play a game and inquiries if she heard Malegaon name before.

Aisha says she went to Malegaon with her mother and sat on the train. Siddharth is glad that he gets some valuable information from the police as well as Aisha about a town named Malegaon and tells Aisha he will bring many story books for her. Roshni asks her to go to Malegaon and enquire about her parents. Siddharth says he can’t leave her and go. Roshni says it is their small responsibility and they have to return smile on her face. Think about her parents. She covers Aisha with blanket, and says she want to spend time with Aisha and she hopes Aisha stays happily always. Siddharth says he hope so too. They hug each other. Mere Khuda plays in the background.

Durgardevi tells Naani that Siddharth is leaving his pregnant wife to drop a stranger girl to Malegaon. She asks Siddharth, if he know how far it is from Mumnbai? Roshni asks her to relax and says she told him to enquire about Aisha’s parents. They are here to take care of her. Durgardevi says nobody cares for Roshni like her. Aisha gets sad. Roshni tries to cheer her up and says she is not going far from her and asks her to close her eyes and gives her a gift. Aisha sees chocolate box and gets happy. She hugs her. Roshni says she miss him. Aisha says she will come to meet her when her brother will come. She says brother or sister, who will come. Roshni asks her to come and see. Aisha takes Durgardevi’s blessings. Durgardevi says it is okay, bye. She meets everyone and waves bye to Roshni. Roshni gets emotional and sad. Aisha runs back to Roshni and says “l love you aunty”. Roshni says she love her too. Siddharth then sets out with Aisha in the mission of finding Malegaon and Aisha’s parents. Naani Maasi asks why everyone is getting emotional. She says Siddharth’s intelligence has gone, and says this girl is kaal (curse ) for this home. Naani asks Nani Maasi to stop it.

Siddharth discovers the residential address of Aisha and takes her there. Aisha identifies the place and says that she used to play there. She sees a lady and calls her Surekha mausi. Surekha gets elated and asks where did Aisha go? Siddharth introduces himself and asks for Aisha’s parents. Surekha tells him that Aisha don’t have a father and her mother went to the nearby village. She says she will keep Aisha with her and will hand her over to her mother tomorrow. Siddharth asks Aisha, if she come and meet him and Roshni. He asks her not to cry as she came to her house. They hug each other. Siddharth asks Surekha to take care of Aisha. Aisha waves him bye and goes. Siddharth calls Roshni and tells her he dropped Aisha with the lady. He says he is feeling strange. Roshni asks if he meet Aisha’s mother? Siddharth says no, and tells her about meeting mausi. Roshni suggests him to stay there for tonight until Aisha’s mother comes back. Siddharth agrees and says he will come back after uniting Aisha with her mother.

Siddharth enquires with the people about Surekha, and finally gets her address. He comes to the house and hears Aisha screams asking them to leave her. He opens the door and sees the goons and Surekha holding Aisha. Aisha calls Siddharth uncle and runs towards him. Siddharth gets angry. The goons try to beat him but gets beaten by him instead. Surekha looks on shocked as the goons get beaten by Siddharth. All the neighbors gather and see the fight. Surekha tries to leave silently but Siddharth stops her and asks her if she is not ashamed. Surekha starts acting and asks him to let her go. She says she will tell him the truth and there is no one for her.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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