Simple Concealing Makeup Tips

Before you begin to apply make-up to the face, inspect the skin and identify the areas that required concealing, such as blemishes, uneven skin color or shadows.

Foundations may be used to disguise minor skin imperfections, but where extra coverage is required it is necessary to apply a special concealer – a cosmetic designed to provide maximum skin coverage. The concealer may be applied directly to the skin after skin moisturizing, or following application of the foundation.

Choose the concealer that matches your skin tone as closely as possible. If the concealer is to be applied after the foundation, it should match the color of the foundation.

Concealer can contain pigment to help correct skin tone:

  • Green helps to counteract high coloring, and to conceal dilated capillaries.
  • Lilac counteracts a sallow skin color and disguises dark circles
  • White or cream helps to correct unevenness in the skin pigmentation
  • Light-reflecting and line concealing.


  • Remove a small quantity of the concealer from its container, using a clean, disposable spatula.
  • Apply the concealer to the area to be disguised, using either a clean make-up sponge or a soft make-up brush.
  • Blend the concealer to achieve a realistic effect.

Writer: Fydola


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