Twist of Fate: Friday Updates (Episodes 217- 218)


Bulbul goes on stage, hugs him and says if he someone else, she will die. Abhi asks Purabh to exchange the ring as both sisters are unpredictable. Everyone clap while they exchange ring and Aaliya angrily walks out with her puppets. Sarla says Bulbul if it was not her engagement, she would have slapped her. Bulbul says it was Pragya’s prank and calls her, but she does not come out. 

Suresh crashes his scooter with the kidnapper’s car and starts yelling at the driver. He is shocked to see Pragya in that car with the kidnappers and runs behind the car.

Aaliya panics that Bulbul will not get out of her life and let her marry Purabh. Tanu asks her to calm down. Aaliya asks her to leave her alone for sometime.

The whole family get worried for Pragya. Abhi calls her number, but her phone is switched off. Daadi gets worried. Abhi asks her not to worry, he will search for her. Bulbul thinks Pragya must be in the store room and goes to check with Purbi. Sarla senses something is wrong.

Abhi, Bulbul, Purvi, Purabh and the entire family members start looking for Pragya/ Fuggi, but don’t find her. They call her number and find it near house’s backdoor. Tayaji says nobody comes here. Abhi thinks that it is Pragya’s prank and would come out soon. Pragya’s mother tells Abhi that she is a very disciplined girl and would never do such a things, that too on the day of her sister Bulbul’s engagement. Abhi calls Pragya and discovers that her phone is in the room.

Suresh follows the kidnapper’s car in his bike and stops them. The kidnapper asks the driver to crush him and elope. He dashes Suresh’s bike and elopes, Suresh falls on the ground. People around help him get up. He thinks who are those people who kidnapped Pragya.

Abhi rushes into the store room along with Purabh, Bulbul and the family and finds the main dancer of the troop tied in there. The dancer says someone hit his head and took his dress. Abhi asks if he saw the culprit’s face.

He says not really, it was blurred. Daadi gets worried for Pragya hearing this. Tauji asks Abhi to inform the police. Suresh reaches there and tells that he saw someone kidnapping Pragya and eloping in car. Bulbul asks if he kidnapped her. He asks why would he kidnap Pragya and says he will not think of harming her or Pragya. Bulbul continues yelling on him and asks why did he not follow her. He says he was in scooter and the kidnappers in car. Abhi asks Bulbul to stop and asks Suresh where did he see Pragya. He tells the place. Abhi asks Tauji to inform the police.

The kidnappers confine Pragya in corporator’s hideout. Pragya wakes up. The corporator comes there and says he loves her a lot and cannot see her marrying Purabh. Pragya thinks who is this. Aaliya calls him and is about to tell him to speak, but he cuts her call saying he is with Bulbul and does not like disturbance. He comes in front and is shocked to see Pragya instead of Bulbul. Pragya holds her collar and shouts how can he do illegal deeds being a government servant and says she will get him punished. He calls his men and ties her back. He scolds his men why did they bring her and asks Pragya why did she not tell them she is not Bulbul. She asks if he forgot her husband’s lesson. He makes her sniff chloroform and fall unconscious.

Sarla gets worried about Pragya. Abhi consoles her and asks her not to worry. The inspector comes and asks who saw the kidnapper. Abhi point at the troop dancer and Suresh. The corporator on the other side beats his men for kidnapping the wrong woman. Aaliya calls him and asks him to leave Pragya before anyone see him and it is too late as police is searching for him already. Tanu asks why did she ask him to release Pragya. Aaliya says Pragya is Abhi’s wife and he and Daadi will send the whole police force to find her. She panics thinking they will also be caught.

The corporator says if Pragya is left alive, he will be killed, so he asks his men to kill Pragya before he comes in the morning. He thinks why did Suresh see his men and says now he cannot see if Bulbul got engaged or not. He thinks of entering Abhi’s house as a friend, calls Mitali and asks her to get him inside the house by telling her he will help them find Pragya and if she does not, he will not help her bail out Raj.

The corporator’s goons panic thinking of killing Pragya, but also get afraid thinking if they don’t kill Pragya, the corporator will not spare them.

As soon as Pragya regains her senses, she finds herself tied at unknown place. Pragya thinks about Abhi and gets emotional. Abhi also thinks about Pragya and gets restless. Pragya falls asleep, but then wakes up and recalls Bulbul forcing her to propose Abhi and she giving her love letter to Abhi and decides she has to get out from here. Pragya thinks that she should confess her love for her husband Abhi and asks Abhi if he has the same feeling for her, which she has for him. She starts moving. The corporator’s kidnappers come and asks if she is hungry. Another says when she is about to die, there is no need to feed her. They both walk out. Pragya sees table and tries to cut the rope on its edge. The goons come back and she acts as sleeping. They gets busy and she frees herself from rope and runs.

Aaliya asks Daadi to stop crying and says if Pragya was here, she would not have liked her crying. She asks other family members to relax and asks the servant to bring tea for everyone. Mitali thinks if the corporator comes here, Aaliya will be shocked. Meanwhile, Neel, the corporator enters Abhi’s house and tells Bulbul that he got to know about Pragya and hence rushed to her home and assures her nothing will happen to Pragya. Bulbul asks him to get out. He says he came to help them and was called by someone. She asks who. Mitali says she called him. Everyone start staring at her angrily. She says she could not see everyone’s sad face, so she thought of taking a powerful person’s help. The corporator says he will do his best to get Pragya back and promises Bulbul to get her at any cost, he then silently tells Bulbul that he told her to marry her, but she did not, so it is her punishment and responsible for everything happening as she had turned down his proposal of marrying him. Bulbul asks him not to worry about her didi ( sister ) and asks to think what will happen to him when Purabh and Abhi come there. The corporator starts his emotional drama and tells Daadi that he is trying to help her, holds Bulbul and says he cannot see her in tears and will even kill the culprit. Bulbul feels embarrassed and tries to push him.

Abhi comes to Bulbul’s rescue and asks the corporator how dare he hold Bulbul. Pragya on the other hand hides under the boxes and tries to pick the corporator’s goon’s mobile, but fails as the phone rings, she hides back. Once the goon keeps it back, she tries to pick it again. The goon says he has called a killer who will kill Pragya. Abhi on the other hand tells the corporator that he knows he has come here with vested interests and says nobody can come without his permission and asks him to get out. The corporator says he is doing mistake by kicking him out as only he can find his wife. Abhi says he is talking as if he kidnapped Pragya. The corporator gets nervous and says he is not a fool to kidnap and come here. Abhi says he knows what he is and kicks him out.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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