Twist of Fate: Thursday Updates (Episodes 215- 216)


The corporator calls Aaliya and asks her to send Bulbul out soon. She asks him to wait for sometime. She sees Bulbul smiling and thinks she will snatch her happiness from her. Purabh takes Bulbul to a room and asks if she knows Tanu asked Abhi to marry her. She asks him not to worry as she has done something. He asks what. She says she told didi ( sister ) what she did after getting inebriated. He asks what about Abhi. He says didi does not know if Abhi proposed her or not and will propose to him again. He asks if her plan will work. She says yes.

On the other hand, Abhi asks Pragya to speak. She nervously blubbers. He asks her to stop and says he is tensed with his problem and asks her to listen first. He asks her to remember the lohri night and after pheras, she came to the hall and met 2 clients, they are not clients but Tanu’s… Just then, Daadi comes there and takes her from there.

Purabh gets romantic with Bulbul and asks her to give him a kiss. She says no. He says now their mission is working well and Pragya and Abhi is uniting. She asks him to wait and walks out smiling. Pragya catches her and nervously says she does not know what Abhi told her after she proposed to him. Bulbul says jiju ( brother in-law ) was also inebriated and did not tell her anything. She asks why is she doing this, people move ahead after marriage, but she is way behind and asks what will she tell about their kids to her mother’s Sarla and Daadi. She says if she is happy like this, she will not push her, she will have to sacrifice Abhi if she does not move ahead. She asks her to propose Abhi before it is too late. Pragya says there is only one solution for that. Bulbul asks what?

Pragya tells Bulbul that she gets nervous when she goes in front of Abhi to propose him. Bulbul suggests to write a letter then. Pragya says she is right and starts writing letter.

Aaliya with her puppet Tanu comes back home and angrily tells Tanu that her plan would have succeeded if Neel would not have reached on time to save Bulbul and hate it as her plan fails always and says if she does not kidnap Bulbul, Purabh will not hers in life again. Tanu instigates Aaliya and tells her that she would be left with no option if Bulbul gets engaged to Purabh. Neel, the corporator calls up Aaliya and asks if she planned anything to kidnap Bulbul. She says no as people are all around. He tells her that he would have to come to Bulbul’s engagement if she will not execute their plan and thinks Aaliya is a waste for him.

Pragya on the other hand, jots down her feelings for Abhi and thinks of giving the letter to Abhi. She stares at Abhi. He comes and asks why is she staring at him. She hands him the letter and asks to read it. Abhi thinks what if she has given Bulbul’s dowry list and as soon as Abhi opens the letter, Tanu grabs Abhi’s hand, takes him from there to the parking lot and asks him to leave with her. Meanwhile, the corporator enters the parking lot hiding and dashes with dustbin. Abhi hears the sound and goes to check. Tanu stops him and in order to divert his attention, she starts complaining that he does not pay attention to her, etc.

Mitali sees Taiji and says Abhi is spending a lot on Bulbul’s engagement. Taiji asks her to mind her own business. Mitali thinks they have money to waste on unnecessary things but not to bail out her husband Raj. Aakash gives Taiji 2 lakhs envelope and says it is caterer’s payment and to give it when he asks. Mitali tries to peep in. Taji asks her to stop staring at money and warns dare not to think of stealing it.

Aaliya goes with Tanu to the parking lot and scolds the corporator for coming there. He asks her why did they not bring Bulbul out and says he himself will kidnap her now.

Purabh gets ready and comes for his engagement. Abhi tells Daadi someone is looking more dashing than him for the first time. Purabh gets shy and Daadi smiles.

Pragys nervously tells Bulbul that Abhi did not read her letter yet. Abhi comes there with the letter in his pocket and asks them to come out for ring exchange. Pragya tries to pick the letter from his pocket but stops when he looks at her. He takes them out for the engagement ceremony.

Daasi sees Bulbul, Abhi and Pragya coming to the venue and jokes that Bulbul and Purabh’s are No. 2 jodi. Aaliya asks who is No. 1 then. Daasi says Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya says she is right and warns Purabh not to betray Bulbul like he betrayed her, else she will not spare him. Abhi says Aaliya personally took care of the decoration.

Tanu sees the corporator inside the house and tells Aaliya about it. The corporator disguised as waiter wearing mask come to them and says since they could not do anything, he himself will kidnap Bulbul. He starts dancing with the dancing troupe and asks Bulbul to dance with him. Bulbul looks at Purabh and Purabh signals her to go ahead. She starts dancing with him and feels embarrassed seeing him touch her inappropriately. Purabh comes and starts dancing with her next. The corporator then applies chloroform on cloth.

Bulbul and Purabh’s engagement completes with ring exchange. Just then, the lights go off. Daasi ask Abhi to check it. The power comes back and everyone gets tensed seeing Bulbul missing. Purvi says it is her plan to make the event more memorable. Purabh has to find out Bulbul and prove how much he loves her. Purabh agrees.

Pragya goes and meets Bulbul in the store room. Bulbul hides under shawl and asks how was everyone’s reaction. Pragya says Purabh was shocked to see her missing. She asks her to continue hiding there for some time and gets out.

Aaliya tells the coproator that Pragya has hidden Bulbul in the store room. The corpoator asks his henchman to kidnap her silently.

Purabh keeps on searching for Bulbul in the whole house but fails to spot her. Purabh mistaken this as Bulbul’s trick and asks her not to do so. Meanwhile, Abhi thinks that Bulbul and Pragya have planned something in order to torture him. Purabh walks down to Abhi. Abhi asks if he found her. He says no. Abhi says both sisters are torturing them. Purabh says he loves being tortured and tells him that he should also love it. He says he thinks he loves Tanu, but he actually does not and tells him that he thinks that he loves Pragya and wants to express his feelings. They both continue searching again.

Bulbul walks out of store room with Purvi. Seeing Purabh finding Bulbul, Pragya sits there instead wearing shawl and hopes that Abhi it would be very romantic, if finds her in the same way too. She gets happy hearing Fuggi Fuggi. Aaliya and Tanu safeguard the store room while the corporator’s men kidnap Pragya after smelling her chloroform. Abhi and Purabh walk towards the store room. Aaliya and her puppet see them and try to stop them by saying they already searched the store room. Abhi asks them to let Purabh check it. Before they could check, the kidnappers walk away with Pragya. Aaliya gets happy seeing Bulbul’s watch on the floor and says she is sure Bulbul is kidnapped and tells it’s stopped time signifies Bulbul’s bad time from hereon. She says they should celebrate now. They both get into their room and take out alcohol to drink. Bulbul comes out of the room in search of Pragya and calls her name. Tanu hears her voice and tells Aaliya. Aaliya asks her not to spoil her mood and goes out to check but Bulbul walks from there before that. She says there is no Bulbul here or tota, maina, so they should go and celebrate now.

Purabh with Abhi sadly goes back on stage. Purvi taunts if he did not find Bulbul. Sarla scolds her and asks her to tell where Bulbul is. Purabh asks her not to scold her and says he knows where Bulbul is. He takes the mic and says he knows she is around, so he wants her to come before he counts to 10, else he will engage Aaliya. Aaliya gets happy hearing this. Bulbul gets tensed hearing this. Tanu tells Aaliya that Purabh will exchange ring with her now. Aaliya says not so easy, let Purabh shed tears in Bulbul’s remembrance and once he is sure she cannot be found, he himself will propose and marry her. Purabh starts counting. Bulbul comes running and asks him to stop. Aaliya and Tanu are shocked to see her.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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