Spicy Prawns and Plantain Porridge

If you’re looking for a meal that will be prepared in less than 30 mins, then this is your go-to-meal. Unripe plantain porridge is one of those meals that are called brain busters’. Now, what do I mean? It has  amazing health benefits like dietary fibre, iron, potassium,… I mean, the list is endless. Its delicious taste leaves you drooling for more.

Before I go on and on, here’s my superhuman secret recipe that l must share so that you can keep visiting this blog.

Here’s what you need;

  • 6 medium sized unripe plantains (because it shrinks and I’m a foodie)
  • Palm oil
  • 2 bulbs of medium sized onions
  • Cameroon pepper (you can substitute with red and yellow peppers)
  • 2 bouillon cubes
  • 8- 12 prawns
  • Grilled/ smoked fish
  • Vegetables (pumpkin leaves, spinach. This is optional)
  • Salt to taste

Here’s what you have to do;

  • Wash, peel and cut up the plantain into dices. (knowing that unripe plantain is usually hard, you can decide to cut the plantain in two halves, and boil with the skin on if you can’t do the hard labor).
  • Clean up the fish and rinse properly to remove dirt.
  •  Place the diced plantain in a medium sized pot, add enough water or meat/chicken broth and allow to cook.
  • Once the plantain is soft, add palm oil, ground pepper (preferably Cameroon pepper or red and yellow peppers), chopped onions, crushed seasoning, salt to taste  and allow to steam for 5 mins.
  • Once the porridge is thickening, mash some of it with wooden spatula to have that porridge feel.
  • Add prawns and grilled/ smoked fish. Reduce your burner to low heat and stir constantly to prevent it from burning.
  • Once the porridge is thick enough to your taste, add the vegetables if you want.

 Voila!!! Food is ready to be served.

So next time you visit a local market and you see unripe plantains in your face, don’t think about it JUST BUY IT!!

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Writer: Foodie Gal

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