King of Hearts: Monday Updates (Episodes 282- 284)


Siddharth looks at Aisha. Surekha says she is very poor and got greedy to earn some bucks. She apologizes and falls on Siddharth’s feet. Siddharth says he would have put her in jail if she was not a woman and a relative of Aisha. Aisha sits on Siddharth’s shoulder and asks him to take her bag. Siddharth asks from the nearby residing neighbors about Aisha’s home. One of the neighbor tells him that he will take them there. Siddharth reaches the house and sees it burnt. Aisha runs inside, saying it is her house. She says her house is burnt, what will she do now. She says her mother left her, and she have only a address chit with her.

The neighbor tells Siddharth that 2-3 days before the house was engulfed in flames. Aisha’s mother was hopeful to get Aisha, and died when the house caught fire. Aisha hugs Siddharth and says her mother left her. What will she do now? Siddharth asks her not to say that and promises to stay with him forever. He gets teary eyes and hugs her. He gets Roshni’s call asking him about Aisha. Siddharth says he is coming home, and asks to inform his princess that he is bringing gift for her, that is her elder sister whose name is Aisha. Roshni is surprised.

When Siddharth finds out that Aisha’s parents have died, he takes her along and decid

es to raise her as his child while a song plays in the background. Meanwhile, Durgardevi tells Roshni that she will sleep in her room tonight. Roshni informs her mother Siddharth is returning home and tells that even Aisha would be coming home with him as her parents couldn’t be found. Durgardevi says she don’t want her to sleep in her room and says they don’t know anything about Aisha and that this decision is very much wrong. Siddharth and Aisha are in the car. The driver informs them that there is a Jam on the road. Later, Siddharth calls Roshni up and just when she is about to pick up the phone, Roshni feels intense pain in her stomach. Siddharth gets worried. Roshni tries reaching the phone and falls. Siddharth hopes everything is alright.

Durgardevi hears Roshni’s voice and comes to her. She sees her unconscious in the hall and asks Kesar to call the ambulance. Kesar says they should take her to the hospital. Siddharth asks his driver to give him his phone. He says his phone is not having network. Siddharth hopes everything is fine. Raj calls Siddharth but his number is unreachable. They reach the hospital as Roshni is admitted there and wait for Siddharth.

Simran cries. Durgardevi worries for Roshni. Naani says nothing will happen to Roshni and asks her to calm down. When Siddharth reaches home with Aisha. He learns from the caretaker that the whole family has gone to the hospital as Roshni’s condition deteriorated and has been admitted. The doctor comes out and says Roshni is fine. Durgardevi takes a sigh of relief and smiles. The doctor says they couldn’t save the baby. Durgardevi and everyone are shocked. Durgardevi goes in shock. The doctor tells them that stress is the reason for this miscarriage and he told her already not to take stress. Everyone cries. Naani consoles Durgardevi. The doctor asks them to support Roshni in her toughest time, and asks about her husband.

Raj says Siddharth is in some trouble. Durgardevi says Siddharth is never with her whenever she needs him. She says she will take care of Roshni and will give the news to her. She asks everyone to stay out of the matter. Simran asks why did Durgardevi say that? They have lost their grand child and Roshni is also their daughter.

Roshni tells her mother that she is fine and doctor said she is fine. She sees Naani crying and asks what she is hiding? Durgardevi says he has gone. Roshni asks where Siddharth is? Where did he go? Durgardevi says her little baby will not come. Roshni asks if she have gone mad? She says she can feel her baby and asks how can she say that. She argues and gets hyper. Durgardevi asks her to calm down and says the baby is dead and gone. Siddharth reaches the hospital with Aisha and asks what happened. He hears Roshni crying for her baby and gets in the room. Durgardevi comes out and throws Aisha on the floor. Siddharth says she is a small girl. Durgardevi asks why did he bring this garbage bin here. She blames Aisha for Roshn’s condition and asks why did he bring her here. She says she is getting frustrated to see her and asks him to take her from there. Siddharth signals Kritika to take Aisha with her.

Kritika takes Aisha with her. Durgardevi tells Siddharth that he has ended everything. She told him that Roshni is unwell and couldn’t take the stress but he have ignored her sayings. She alleges that Siddharth has murdered his and Roshni’s child and that he is a bloody murderer, Siddharth is shocked with the accusations and truth.

Siddharth who is already shocked with the news of the miscarriage, says he is not the reason. He cried and says the baby was his child, his child is no more, he have planned to give him a good life like a king and would have loved him very much. Durgardevi says he don’t deserve to be a father and that’s why his child has died. She blames him for bringing Aisha home and tells him Roshni is not his priority. She says he did so much for this girl and forget her daughter. Raj asks her to stop it. Durgardevi asks him to keep quiet and let Siddharth hear the truth. She says she have always overseen his mistakes but not anymore. He have snatched the most important thing of his life and even God can’t forgive him. Beeji cries and says the baby was ours too. Siddharth cries. Aisha tries to console him and says Durgar aunt was rude to her also. Siddharth hugs her and cries for his baby. Siddharth sees Roshni in her hospital ward and walks in and when he meets Roshni, he hugs her and burst into tears again. Roshni says your princess has gone Siddharth. She says he loves her very much right and asks him to please tell her that she can’t live without her. Siddharth says they are there for each other. I love you very much, more than anything else in this world. They cry hugging each other and shares their pain.

Kritika gives biscuits to Aisha and asks her to have it. Durgardevi tells Naani that Shiv will not return now and has gone for forever and she has to take care of her daughter now, as she couldn’t bear losing her child. She says destiny is repeating itself and Roshni also lost a baby like she lost her son in the past. Naani tells her that wounds will be healed, and says she will have gone, but she is still living and saw this. She asks her to have strength as they have to take care of Roshni. Durgardevi looks at Aisha. Kritika goes to bring water for Aisha. Durgardevi thinks it is not destiny’s work and Aisha is responsible for this and has to pay for this. She holds Aisha’s hand and forcibly takes her inside the hospital. Aisha tells her she wants to meet Roshni aunty. Durgardevi asks Aisha to go from there and leaves her outside the hospital. Kritika comes back and calls for Aisha and realize Aisha is missing again in the hospital. Kritika goes in search of her but does not find her anywhere. Roshni asks Siddharth to check where Aisha is? Siddharth says she must be here. Roshni insists so he goes. Kritika tells Siddharth that Aisha was here but when she came back, she was gone. The family gets worried about Aisha and they all go in search of her. Siddharth goes out of the hospital and finally finds Aisha sitting on a bench, enjoying the rain. Durgardevi stares at Aisha asking her not to reveal anything about her. Aisha lies to him that she came out while playing. Siddharth asks her to come and picks her up and takes her inside.

At Durgardevi’s house, the family has arranged for a surprise for Roshni. Just then door bell rings. Naani, Beeji and everyone welcome her home. Roshni looks at the welcome arrangements and is surprised. Simran smiles to make her smile. Roshni smiles lightly and hugs Naani. Naani asks her to come. Siddharth and Raj come with her, while Durgardevi looks on. Naani tells Roshni she made her favorite kheer. Raj says today is happy hours because of Naani. Roshni says she is not feeling hungry and wants to go to her room. Sam stops her asking her to sit with them for sometime. Simran asks everyone to come. They all sit down. Naani Maasi comes and sits on the sofa. Yash sings Jab Se Huyi Hai Shaadi and acts as a troubled husband. They try to make Roshni laugh. Sam smiles. Roshni also smiles seeing Yash singing and acting. Suddenly Roshni gets sad and goes from there. Aisha says Roshni aunty is still sad. Siddharth looks on.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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