Reach For The Stars: Monday Updates (Episodes 4- 6)


Vitthal’s boss Mr Singhania assures him and his union of clearing all his pending salary but, do not guarantee about the working of the mill in near future. Vitthal and his union hence, decide to raise their demands in Mr Kapoor’s society. Mrs Kapoor undergoes severe labour pain. Kamala Tai hence, takes her to the hospital. She meets Vitthal and his union in the ground floor of the same building. Kamala Tai admits Mrs Kapoor in a hospital. Kamala Tai also undergoes the same labour pain on her way back home. Vitthal watches his wife lying in pain on a busy street. He then brings her to their Chawl.

Mrs Neetu Kapoor and Kamala Tai both deliver a baby girl. Mrs Kapoor however undergoes some complications in her pregnancy. She becomes unable to breast-feed her daughter. Kamla Tai sends Vitthal to the hospital to check Mrs Kapoor’s condition. Vitthal makes a visit to the hospital and gets shocked to learn about Mr Sahil Kapoor to be Kamla Tai’s boss at work.

The lady talks to Mithal saying doesn’t your wife works for the same Sahil Kapoor who has bought our mill. Diviyah jumps in and says wow you are so active you find out in a few days who is doing what and trying to initiate a quarrel here. I also worked at Nettu madam’s house but we didn’t know what her husband do? We are not like you. Mithal says i didn’t knew neither Kamla. Kmala doesn’t work there anymore. Manda asks her when are they reopening the mill? He says we will force on the right them when we feel the need to.

Sahil is talking to his secretory when her hears the voice of his daughter crying. He asks doctor whats wrong? He tells Sahil that the baby is not accepting feed that is why she is crying. We don’t know what to do. I will discharge her today maybe the change of environment is good for her. You can try a woman who has been through delivery lately.

Kamla is getting Kalpana bath and is playing with her.Diviyah says i will give her bath. Sahil and Netu come in the house. Sahil’s sister and mom welcome them. Nettu is on wheel chair and is really worried about the condition of the girl. Diviyah and Kamla both are playing with Kalpana. Dharmindar comes in and says Nettu madam has sent these gifts for you. He asks the name? She tells him Kalpana. He says that’s a good name. She asks Dharmindar how is madam? He tells that she is not fine madam has not been even able to feed her so far. You are really missed, says he. Mahraj is back to work. He tells her that Sir is trying to spend enough time with Madam and the daughter but they are still having a lot of troubles. Kamla asks Diviyah to go and work there she says its not about nettu now but Sahil. Dharmindar leaves.
when he is leaving a number of men gather around him giving him fierce looks. Mithal stops him. Some men tell him that mithal he came to your house. They start asking questions. Kamla shouts let him go he came here to see Kalpana. He goes but mithal seems really angry with Kamla.

Sahil helps Nettu to lay down. She asks Kamla hasn’t come ? Shail tells her that she has given birth to a girl too. She says why in the seventh month? They can do anything to stay away from work. He says Kamla has been so good to this house. The girl starts crying again they are really worried about her. She says yes i wanted a boy before but whenever i imagined it was girl. I always thought who would she look like you or me? Jow will i dress her up? But now when i see her she is just crying it kills me. I can’t fulfill her need. Why is good giving me this punishment? A call from office informs Sahil that the workers are protesting there. A kid from neighborhood comes in and tells her that Mithal has been arrested by police. He tells her that they were protesting so police arrested them. Kamla says i am going to nettu madam. I will beg them to get Mithal out. Diviyah says i won’t let you go in this condition. I am going to police station. The baby is still crying and nettu can’t feed her. Nurse says i will give her some water. Sahil calls doctor who says we have no other option you need to find a woman who can feed her. His mom comes to him and says you science can’t give the child what she wants. She says i don’t know whether God is punishing Nettu or the child? Sahil remembers Mithal telling him about his daughter and the doctor suggesting him for another mother’s feed. He picks the baby up and leaves. Kamla is singing for her daughter to sleep. While Sahil comes with the crying baby there.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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