With sweat, tears and torn clothes, Uncle Kasali never wanted to let go. At some point, i started to enjoy it.

There was something quite unusual about Uncle Kasali since last week.

Having knew that he just broke up with his 10years relationship, I felt he was only manifesting these uncomfortable attitudes cause of the trauma he might be going through. I never thought to tell Mummy.

He had just called me to get him a bottle of coke from his fridge and with the thought that I would get a bottle for myself as well, i did not hesitate.

Uncle Kasali why are you closing the door “”i asked””

Didn’t you know I’ve been obeserving you for a while now, it’s time I teach you what those little breast and virgin pussy of yours are meant for  “”He said looking like a lion about to attack it’s prey””

As scared as I was, I couldn’t think of anything else but to shead tears and plead for him to let me go unharmed, I even promised not to speak of his words or anything that had happened that day.

But it was like any word that came out of my mouth only made him get more arose, I could see how hard his dick was with some damp portions in his underwear. (Probably some watering sperms like i see in ponographic movies).

Leave me alone “”I screamed””. Uncle Kasali already lifted me up like a little toy, took me in and forcefully deeped his huge cock in my tinny Pussy.

Although i cried…but at the same time, i think i enjoyed it, and somehow I’m glad it was him, considering how uncontrollably cute and rich he was.

The problem now is, I can’t tell my parents cause I know He’ll be arrested and his image tarnished. So I plan to let it rest maybe he could find me attractive ones again.

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