Motivation Monday: Determination

At the close of work today, I decided to stretch my legs a bit before heading home. As I passed by a seemingly empty class, I noticed a young woman sitting alone at the back. She sat in front of a notebook, gnawing furiously on her pen as her face contorted into many shapes. I instantly knew she was confused so I walked up to her and asked what the problem was. She said she was having a hard time understanding what she had been taught a few hours ago. I sighed and advised her to go home and finish up since everyone else had left. Then she looked up at me and said, “Sir, I am not going anywhere until I get this thing right”. “Others can go home but I will not leave this class until I understand. I know I can crack it; I just need to spend more time here. And I will.”

Even though I tried to hide it, I was awed by the young woman’s tenacity and strength of mind. I knew I had made a new friend. Perhaps she wasn’t the only one having issues with the course but her decision to sit down and tackle the problem revealed a deep sense of purpose and determination.

Unfortunately, some of us aren’t like my new friend. As soon as we discover an opportunity to excuse and generalize failure/mediocrity, we take it- everyone else is failing, so it isn’t bad if you fail after all. No one else understands the course, so you really are not alone. No one seems to be succeeding in your family, but it’s okay as long as it’s a general problem.

Excuse me, friend, there is no such thing as general failure! Choose not to be comfortable with that problem.

Just because other people facing similar problems have packed up doesn’t mean you should. Wait! Stay! Persevere! That huge problem might just need an extra minute of focus. Who knows, you just might be quitting at the very edge of breakthrough! Don’t give up just yet. When that problem seems too overwhelming, invite it to your room, shut the door and have a ruthless session with it. You will soon discover that you have the ability to tackle some of your challenges. All you need do is put in some extra effort. Stay, when others are quitting. The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude to the problem.

So, friend, will you join the others and walk away, to seek false comfort, when there’s a problem? Or like my friend, will you say, “I can do this. I just need a little more focus, determination and time!”

Really, what does it take to put in a little extra effort? Nothing, right? Just do it! Selah.

Writer: Emmanuel Ujiadughele



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