King of Hearts: Wednesday Updates (Episodes 287- 288)

Siddharth comes to Yash and Sam’s house. He says Aisha is healing Roshni slowly and they have a good emotional bond with each other. Siddharth says Roshni refused Aisha’s adoption and explains as to why Roshni is not ready to adopt Aisha as she thought she can’t be a good mother and couldn’t take care of her. He says Roshni is in pain and she felt that motherly love when she was pregnant also. He says she is having motherly love which he can felt and that’s why he came to them both for help. Yash asks what they have to do. He says kids are magicians who can bring smiles on anyone face. Sam also agrees to help. Siddharth says he thought something, but it is different. He says he also need his children help. Yash asks what will they have to do.

Simran comes to Durgardevi that they are going to London on a business trip. She asks her not to worry as everyone will stay in the house and for her permission to take Roshni to their home. Durgardevi says you both are going to London, and she don’t trust Siddharth. She says Beeji couldn’t take care of her well. She is emotionally stress and have become weak and she can’t send Roshni to her house. Simran agrees with her, and says Siddharth can take good care of her and she wants Roshni to come happily to her In-laws home. Bua Daadi is irked. Sam comes home and says she brought her kids here for sometime as she has to go somewhere. Mona says but now the kids…..Durgardevi asks what’s wrong with Mona? When they can keep street children here, can’t they keep Sam’s kids for sometime. She asks Sam to stay. Sam thanks her and asks the kids not to do any mischief. Sam signal Siddharth. Durgardevi sees it and thinks what is cooking between them. Mona goes to bring juice for them. Siddharth says he is going to his room for some important work and asks not to disturb him. Simran says okay. Sam’s daughter ( Yash’s niece ) tears Aisha’s book.

Aisha calls Roshni and asks Amaya not to tear her book. Roshni hears her and comes. Siddharth comes there. Roshni asks him to do something as the kids are fighting. Siddharth says they are kids. How can he interfere between them. The boy falls down. Later, Durgardevi comes, Yash’s niece and nephew allege to Durgardevi that Aisha had pushed them. Durgardevi gets angry and scolds Aisha for pushing the boy. She asks her to apologize to him Aisha refuses and states that her books were torn by Yash’s niece and nephew. Naani Maasi come there and raises her hand to beat Aisha and at the nick of time, Roshni stops her from doing so holding her hand. Naani Maasi asks how dare she? She says motherly love is needed to save the girl which Naani Maasi don’t have. She says she is stopping her for raising hand on a small girl.

She didn’t do a mistake and the kids torn her book. Sam comes and asks what is happening. Her daughter Amaya tells her that Roshni aunty is taking side of the street child. Roshni asks Amaya not to say that and says she is also a kid and asks Amaya to apologize to Aisha. Sam says it is not done. Amaya said right. This girl will return to the street again as this family will not accept her. Roshni shouts enough and says she has heard enough. She says Aisha will get same treatment as others from now onwards. She warns everyone not to call Aisha with mean words else no one is bad than her.

Roshni takes Aisha with her and says she will play with her. Sam and Amaya smiles. Durgardevi thinks she have to do something. Roshni tries to cheer Aisha and reminds her of words that man don’t feel pain. She says they will make a drawing and asks her to bring the stuff. Aisha brings the chart and colors. Roshni draws mountains. Siddharth smiles seeing Roshni happy. Aisha applies color on her hand and also puts color on Roshni’s hand and makes the hand print printed on the chart. Roshni leaves her hand impression also and says her hand is big. Siddharth comes there and sees them playing. He joins them. Aisha goes. Siddharth tells Roshni that Aisha is so cute. Roshni says yes.

Siddharth says a girl told me that she can’t give happiness, care to a baby and she is doing all these things and that she is making the child feel protective and care. He says she have fight with everyone, when she couldn’t bear to see Aisha being humiliated and she ran behind the car and fight with the goons for Aisha sake because of your her motherly love. He says they couldn’t save their baby because of the circumstances and they have saved Aisha because of her. He says she also says that she couldn’t take care of Aisha and can’t be her mother. Aisha comes back. The servant comes and says Durgardevi is calling them. Roshni looks on.

Durgardevi talks with a couple and invites the Sharma’s over to try to get them to adopt Aisha. The couple are now at Durgardevi’s home and they are introduced to Aisha. Just when the Sharma’s and Durgardevi about the process of adopting, Siddharth and Roshni show up and overhear their conversation. Aisha runs to Siddharth and hugs him. Siddharth tells the Sharma’s that there is miscommunication and they don’t want to give Aisha for adoption. Durgardevi says Mr and Mrs Sharma have got the papers ready too. Mrs. Sharma who is desperate to adopt a child then talks with Siddharth and tell him that they are unable to have a child and hence they have decided to adopt one and the only hope they are left with is Aisha.

The Sharma’s then hand the verification papers to Siddharth and Roshni to verify their background. Roshni asks the couple for sometime to think before she can take any decision. Mrs. Sharma thanks her. Durgardevi smiles and tells Roshni that she is sure that her daughter will take a right decision. Siddharth thinks Roshni’s decision is wrong and says he needs to talk to her. He tells Roshni, why she wants to keep Aisha far from her. He says she is unreasonable and is agreeing to her mother’s demands. Roshni says she likes their family and Aisha can go with them. Siddharth repeats her words and says she can’t stay without tears after she is gone.

It is strange that she fight for Aisha at the one moment and keeps her far at the other and asks if she think that she can stay without her, but the reality is that she can’t stay without Aisha. She gets emotional seeing the paintings. She decides that Aisha will go and stay with the Sharma’s. Siddharth looks on.

Yash is unhappy with his PR and asks Sam to handle it and they can spend time together. Sam says she has kids responsibility and asks him to manage. Aisha writes that she will not touch Durgardevi’s stuff and will not trouble Roshni, etc etc. Durgardevi reads it and tears the papers. Siddharth comes and asks who has torn the papers and reads it. He says my Aisha writes so well. Aisha goes inside. Siddharth reminds Durgardevi about her behavior and asks once she had heart and don’t know where she have left it. Durgardevi says she is a mother and feels bad as Aisha is responsible.

She says until she is here, their happiness will not return and she is a dark reflection and should go. Siddharth says he know Roshni well, more than her. He says he knows where her happiness lies and he will do everything to keep her happy. He confronts her saying that Aisha will not go anywhere and this decision will be of Roshni and it will not be forced by him or her. He also openly challenges Durgardevi saying that he knows what is good for Roshni. Durgardevi says challenge accepted. Siddharth says they should see who wins, her hatred or Roshni’s motherly love.

Naani Maasi comes to the dining table and sees Aisha sitting on the chair. She claims that the chair is hers and asks her to get up. She pushes her on the floor and asks her to sit on the floor. She asks the servant to bring separate plate for Aisha and give leftover food to her. Durgardevi looks on and asks her to eat it. Aisha gets teary eyed and is about to eat the food. Siddharth comes there and looks shockingly at the way the little girl is treated in the house. Siddharth asks Aisha, who gave her this food. Naani Maasi asks everyone to come and have food. Siddharth asks Aisha to come and sit and that he will show Aisha her real place. He serves her juice and asks her to drink it. He feeds her with his hand. Roshni tells her mother that she wants to go to the Sharma’s house and asks Siddharth to come along. When Siddharth refuses, Durgardevi says she would go with Roshni to meet the Sharma’s.

The Sharma’s that had visited to adopt Aisha are revealed to be frauds and they are backed up by a criminal who aims to kidnap Aisha. The criminal pays the money to the couple to get his job done. While the Sharma’s and the criminal are talking, Durgardevi and Roshni reach the spot. On learning that they have arrived, the criminal who wants Aisha hides in a store room. Durgardevi and Roshni are invited by the Sharma’s and while they are talking, a phone rings from the store room. Durgardevi asks the couple to pick up the call as it might be an important one. When the Sharma’s hesitates to pick up the cell, Durgardevi herself walks up to the store room and encourages the couple to pick up the call. Meanwhile Kritika comes to Yash’s office for the post of PA. Yash hires her immediately. Kritika asks if Sam will agree? Yash says Sam will be happy and hires her on the job. She hesitantly shakes hand with him.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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