Reach For The Stars: Wednesday Updates: Episodes 9- 10

Nettu goes down to the baby’s room. She sees Kamla sitting there and asks what she is doing on the bed and later sees her daughter in Kamla’s hands. Nettu is startled and says how dare you? She shouts and grasps her daughter from Kamla hands. She asks who to told you to feed my daughter. Have you forgotten your class. Kamla says, she was hungry. So you wants to feed her your milk, milk of a servant. Kamla says, Milk is milk. Nettus scolds her to shut up and get out. Take your child and leave. Kamla takes Kalpana and leaves. Sahil’s mom asks what happened Nettu and why are you scolding kamla? Netty says, ask her. Kamla leaves.

Nettu’s child starts crying again. Sahil’s mom asks her what is wrong with you. Try feeding her with a dropper. Netty says, Why don’t you?. The nurse comes and says i won’t work here anymore and leaves. The servant brings Nettu the milk and she scolds at him too. Nettu is so frustrated looking at her baby crying over and over again. She remembers Kamla feeding milk to her baby. Nettu starts running in the corridor, looking here and there for Kamla. When she gets on the ground floor, she asks the watch man if he has seen kamla ? He says yes. She says go and stop her please.

Mithal reach home looking for Kamla everywhere. The watchman stops Kamla on the road and tells her that Nettu is waiting for her. When Kamla’ comes, Nettu says you are taking revenge of what ? I can’t move out of the room and you pulled me out of the house now. Just few harsh words hurt you. Lets go now. Meanwhile, Mithal asks Kanta tai if she has seen Kamla. She says no. A lady says that no worries you have sent your wife to Sahil’s house again. Nettu locks the door and says i apologize to you again Kamla. Don’t tell this to anyone. Not even Sahil. I will pay you 1000 more to feed my daughter but don’t tell anyone. Kamla says, I don’t sell my milk.

Nettu tells Kamla not to tell this to anybody. Kamla says okay but were reluctant when i did this. Nettu says she is sleeping yet but when she’ll make a lot of noise. I will pay you 1000 more. Kamla says I don’t sell my milk. Nettu is embarrassed and she asks Kamla to check if it’s the time to change her baby diaper or not. Kamla places Kalpana on a side and checks the baby. Nettu asks Kamla not to bring Kalpana with her. She says how is this possible? There is no difference between yours and mine daughter and she can’t live without her mom either. I will come and along with my daughter. I told you i am not a milk seller. Nettu says never try to be my daughter’s mother. Everyone there is discussing Kamla’s absence. Vitthal is both worried and angry. Manta says i know where your wife is. vitthal gets so angry that he says i will hurt her if she doesn’t quits. A man comes and informs vitthal that no new accident or something has been reported in this area. Manta says when i says something everybody scolds at me but now you can see. Now, after giving birth both mom and child don’t leave the house till 13 days. vitthal says i will find her and leaves.

Kalpana is crying while Kamla is feeding Nettu’s daughter, when she leaves her and is going to Kalpi she starts weeping too. Nettu comes in and says why is she crying so hard? And i told you not tell anyone what you are doing here? You slept so i brought them here. If your baby cries then i will wake up upstairs too. Is it necessary to bring her here? Sahil comes in, Nettu says look Sahil God has solved everything. I fed the baby today. This is God doing, i told you everything will be okay. Have you noticed Kamla’s entrance in this house solve all the problems. Nettu says thats why i say God is with poor people don’t know why they still remain poor. Sahil’s mom asks Kamla how is the baby still quiet? Is everything okay? She calls Nettu and asks what is Kamla doing here? Nettu says i brought her back. Nettu tells her that she has fed the baby. Kamla leaves. There vitthal is still worried about Kamala and Manta hasn’t stopped her smears. vitthal says i don’t wanna hear anything from you. Wherever she is she will come back and will tell me and i don’t need to know from you. Manta points at the back and says look your wife is back. Mithal starts heading towards Kamla. Manta asks where were you? Not only vitthal but everybody here wanna know where you went? Well i know, but rest of all people want to listen from you. vitthal asks Kamla to stay quiet. vitthal addresses to Manta that i know you become happy seeing others sad but you are at a wrong place. You are like this and that’s why your husband left you. I don’t doubt my wife. I was not doubtful why she went and i was worried for her. If you ever dare coming between me and my family it won’t be better for you. a woman asks Kamla if everything is okay ? Kamla says yes.

Prem asks Nettu to play with him. Nettu says that she is handling his sister so she can’t. He latter plays with his sister and so does Nettu. The baby is weeping. When nettu can’t stop her from crying, she wonders if the baby is angry and she is worries that Kamla will come next morning. Kamla is playing with Kalpana when she turns towards vitthal. She finds that he is a bit angry but she tells her that i went to see madam. vitthal says you have a daughter of 5 days and you went to work. Last night Kapoor came here with her daughter and madam can’t feed her milk. The baby is hungry all the time he gave the baby to me. Vitthal asks, You feed their baby the milk. Vitthal asks Pakiya to see if Diviyah is back. When he leaves because I don’t want to talk about this in front of my son. He first snatched my livelihood and now my daughter’s milk. Because of him i have no job, no mill but you can’t dare share my daughter’s right with anyone. The milk of a mother remains in the blood of a child till his last breath. He open the door and Pakiya is standing there. Vitthal leaves.

Kamla is with Kalpana and she worries about Vitthal’s behavior. She is teaching Pakiya at the same time. She scolds at Pakiya for writing his name Pakiya when his official name is Parkash. Kamla asks Vitthal to have the dinner. He asks if she has eaten? She says no how could i eat with you. With hands, he rudely says. Don’t late your meal its not good for a feeding mother. If i had two children together wouldn’t i feed them both? Vitthal ignores.

The baby is sleeping. Sahil asks Nettu if she is not going to have lunch? Sahil’s sister calls her and tells him that she would be bit late. Sahil asks Will Kamla come daily? I can manage a nurse. Nettu says no she will come regularly i have decided all money etc. The baby starts crying. Nettu wakes up. Nettu says please stop crying and save me from embarrassment. I have not been through this much tension through out my life. Door bell rings. Nettu worries if the sound wakes someone up what would she answer.She goes down to see. It’s Sahil’s sister she asks why is she crying i guess she is hungry. Nettu says i have feed her a moment ago. She is sleepy. Late doesn’t mean you have to come at 2 am. Sahil’s mom wakes up too and asks what’s wrong. She makes the same excuse that baby is sleepy.

Vittal is getting Pakiya ready. He says i don’t want to go to school. Kamla says play with Kalpana when you will come back. How would you know that whats in the lunch box if you don’t go.

Prem asks Nettu to make his hair he says put her away. She slaps him hard. She shouts now go the schools like this. She worries where is Kamla its 8 o’clock.

Vitthal is sitting in the door way not letting Kamla go. Kamla says please let me go. That baby must be crying. Is she you responsibility? I vowed them, says Kamla. What would you teach your children that withdraw from your promises for your purpose. If you have two rupees you give one to the beggar I am doing the same why are you stopping me? Vitthal moves away.

Nettu is out of her mind but the baby is not stopping. Sahil’s mom comes and asks what’s wrong? Feed her. Nettu says you speak like i feel happy in making her cry. I have fed her. I am not feeling well and nobody even asked me. Why do you people behave like this is my first child. Everyone is trying to make the baby happy. Nettu falls on the bed pretending like she has fainted so that she doesn’t have to feed in front of Sahil. Nettu asks for water Sahil is standing there but Nettu talks to Dharminder under the blanket she asks him to pick Kamla if she doesn’t come in a few moments.

Kamla comes and Dharminder tells her that he about to pick her. Kamla goes running towards the building she sees Manta in the way. Manta says oh you go running Vitthal must have stopped you and you are late. Sahil’s mom asks him to take Nettu to the doctor she says no i am fine. Kamla comes in and apologizes for late coming. Kamla touches her and the baby stops crying. Sahil’s mom says Kamla there is a magic in your hands, you touched her and she stopped crying.

SOURCE: Zee World International


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