The Tree That Cannot Make A Forest

During my university days, I once had an altercation with a female friend. We were vehemently arguing over the unpredictability of life and how the people who we never imagined could actually turn out to be our helpers. Apparently irked by the thought of having someone else help her out in the nearest future, my friend blurted out 13 unforgettable words: “Even you, you can never be of help to me in the future.” (sic) Those words were so mighty that they drove an invisible wedge in between my mouth such that my upper and lower lips refused to embrace each other for some minutes. It took God’s divine grace to help me close my mouth.

Shocked to the bone, I stopped arguing and walked away. Two days later, having apparently forgotten about her statement, my friend sent me a text message requesting that I sent her the contact details of a mutual friend. Instantly, the angels (no demons, please) inside me began to furiously debate for and against the notion of granting her request. Finally, I listened to the good guys and I typed out what she requested followed by her statement in capital letters. Then I pressed the ‘send’ button. I don’t know what that taught her but I am sure she saw the folly of her action/statement. Why am I sharing this? Some of us are like my friend. We have formed the habit of writing people off. We seem to think that we can exist on our own.

The Yorubas say that a tree cannot make a forest. Look, it doesn’t matter how rich Dangote is, he still needs the services of someone you and I would term an ordinary barber! Don’t ever make the horrendous decision to overlook the people around you. They may not look like it but trust me, one day you will meet someone in the future and discover just how important that person is to you. You may think you have it all so you don’t need anyone else. That’s a fallacy. Have you ever wondered why rich men still need the seemingly less privileged to be their gatekeepers? Why didn’t they pick someone from another wealthy family; or even do it themselves? Don’t get me wrong; I am not stereotyping the less privileged. I am only showing you that no matter who you are, you will one day need someone else! Don’t go about contemning people. That’s how you’ll misbehave towards your future boss or sponsor.

I know of an old man in my area that does nothing save drink and listen to the news on radio. Ordinarily, one would look down on the man but when you hear this man talking to political bigwigs on phone, you might just want to reconsider. Wherever and whoever you are, never look down on anyone. No one knows tomorrow. Don’t insult the man who steps on you in the bus; he just might be the head of the panel of interviewers for that job you’ve been seeking. Brymo says, “I need to fly high, above the sky. I need you now now, you go need me later.” Galatians. 6:3 says, “For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.” (KJV) So, next time, before you write someone off else or treat someone like trash, ask yourself, “what if tomorrow, I’ll need this person’s signature?” Don’t say God forbid! Start treating people right!

Writer: Emmanuel Ujiadughele


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